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By shakingpt On 2010.07.31 07:28
I decided to post these here hoping that they will help some but not necessarily all of you.Strength is an important factor for Parkinsons’s. Start doing these exercises 2-3 times daily to increase your strength. 10 – 15 repetitions per exercise is a good start.

#1. When laying down – keep knee straight and lift leg up at least a foot or so. Hold for a count of 5 then return to starting position. When you finish with one leg then do the other. This exercise will increase your quadricep strength. That is the muscle on top of your thigh. This muscle needs to be kept strong to keep your knee from buckling when walking and standing. If you have Parkinson’s you know what it is like to have your knees want to bend on you when standing in one position for any length of time.

When sitting you can work on just straightening your knee slowly until it is straight then bring your foot back to the floor. Repeat the necessary number of repetitions, then do other leg.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.07.31 09:29
Ok, now I'm probably opening a can of worms here BUT, I've been know to be pretty protective about these great folks here on the board. While I know this is meant from the heart and only trying to help. Isn't it customary to evaluate each person before suggesting exercises for physical therapy? I know that many Parkinson's disease sites have booklets with simple exercises to do, however they suggest you consult your Doctor before trying any of them. (I read the disclaimer of helping some but not necessarily all of Us). That's why it is always a good thing to run by the Doctor before starting. Many People come here to the forum for help, guidance and understanding, some in a rush to help the patient might jump right in instituting a tip and inadvertently cause harm instead of good. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, however if one experiences freezing it can be an excellent way to drown! If some feel I'm over reacting and are upset I'm sorry however to err on the side of caution is better than to remain silent. To dispense a series of exercises would be better served via email and private consultation I believe. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By shakingpt On 2010.07.31 10:12
By all means before an exercise program is followed it shpuld be approved by a medical professional. I am not diagnosing. I am not evaluating. I am only intending to educate. I am doing it from the heart. I am reading on so many posts about PD'ers that cannot stand, are having trouble going from sit to stand, difficulty ambulating, keeping their head erect etc. It is up to the individual to decide if exercise is needed. If I have overstepped my bounds then I will stop any further posts on exercise. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. These were nothing more than the basic exercises that ......oh whatever. Sorry.

By mylove On 2010.07.31 11:20
Al, no offense to you either, cause you know we love you, but...

On this board as in every other place, the motto should be "Take the best and leave the rest". Stopping the flow of information on this subject is just the same as stopping the flow of information on any other subject. If these can help someone (and I think it's a great idea, btw), then so be it.

We've welcomed nurses with open arms and consecrated every small piece of advice that they could give. I applaud the addition of a PT to our stable of professionals providing insight and information, and am SO glad to have that resource! Many of us have said "Oh, yeah... PT and exercise. Great to think about, but how could my PWP possibly do any of that?" Well... you now have some insight from the inside out on what those challenges and barriers may be and how to work around those.

All advice comes with an implied disclaimer, as does all the rest of the advice such as 'buy a U step walker', 'take X supplement', 'reduce your med dosages incrementally rather than quit all at once'. Of course we should tailor things to our individual situations and work with our team of doctors in that context, but at least this gives us some hard info to take back to those doctors to say "Hey, do you think this would help me, because I'm willing to give it a try?"

I understand your protectiveness, and am glad for it, because you have run off many of the snake oil salesman that troll from time to time. But don't be TOO hasty - I for one would really like to see what we can learn here.

Hugs, Al. Hope everything is going good down your direction, and that it hasn't been over 100 where you are. As far as I go, every time I think about exercising (which for us is going for a walk), I look at that old thermometer and wilt. Not working so much for us this summer! :)

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.07.31 13:23
ML, No offence taken,..... shaking, please don't misinterpret, all I was saying is perhaps the post could have been. I have some basic easy to do in home exercises I can email anyone who'd like? Something like that. I understand being a PT you are coming from what you've learned and whole heartedly believe in.

shaking, You stated you want to stay active in your profession and help those (now including yourself) with P.D., further you asked "Is anyone interested in being a resource to answer questions on strengthening exercises, balance exercises, activities of daily living and ambulation?" or as I read it, is anyone interested in giving me feed back? We're all interested however you also have to be open to the feedback. At times the feed back might not be something you're expecting or happy with. What it boils down to is You want to help us and we want to help you. I just suggested another way. That's all. So as you let us know what might help, allow us to tell you about this disease. Openness and communication has to run both ways, P.T. is not a cure, it may help some stay active and more mobile longer or not, nothings proven nor can it be as we all progress differently.
You are a great resource to have here, however you have to understand some of these problems are caused by dystonia (either from the disease or as side effect of medication), unfortunately as Your disease progresses you'll see and experience more of which some of us speak. No downer intended think of it as continuing education toward a PhD. I'm not trying to chase You away my new friend.

As has been stated there are many here progressed way past the point of You or I. For those people at times it seems their support on this forum is going away and seeing listed exercises seems to enforce that to them, that's all I'm saying. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By shakingpt On 2010.07.31 15:04
I do appreciate your input LOHENGRIN. I feel that I am one of the fortunate ones. I have had PD for 7 years now. I am progressing slowly at this time. So far I can work but my days are numbered. I am taking high doses of Stalevo 5 x's/day. I do have dyskinesias from the meds but for the most part can still hide them.
I have been a therapist for 38 years. I have helped people all my life and I want to feel that if I can continue to help just a handful would it not be worth it?
As per your last paragraph if I don't list these basic exercises then support on this forum is definitely going away because there are many that may benefit.
Thanks for understanding.

By karolinakitty On 2010.07.31 20:31
Al ... i understand where you are coming from, mine couldn't even do that simple excercise and he's not that far into this disease. However, i agree with mylove in that we (and i mean everyone here) need to look at these things as they come along. I can understand where PT would help those who have been active or those still able to do them. Of course as always and with everything we say here check with your doctor and make sure it's ok to even start ANY excercise regiment or med change.....

By packerman On 2010.08.02 11:38
i also agree with mylove & kk.
more information would be helpful to me/us, especially about PT & exercise.

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