For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Gidbud On 2010.08.21 16:32
My wife is stage 2 PD. We bought a used 1992 Santana tandem bike from Craigslist about 2 years ago for $700 and we love it. She says she does not feel like she has Parkinsonís when she rides, and she gets a feeling of better mobility that will last for 2-3 days. She still takes carbo/levo and Azilect, but we try to ride the tandem bike as often as we can. It also gives us time alone together and gets me off the couch. Riding outside is much more interesting than an indoor stationary bike, at least in good weather.

My advice on tandeming:
1) Buy a decent tandem ; avoid the cheap ones from China that you find on eBay. They may look sturdy, but they wind up falling apart after just a few rides. Google the brand and read the reviews before you buy. You will want a dependable ride that spends more time on the road than in the shop. Expect to spend about $700 for a good used tandem, sometimes less. You may even try bartering with the seller or let caring friends know that you are purchasing a tandem to help with Parkinsonís symptoms. We have a friend with Parkinsonís whose co-workers pitched in to buy her a tandem. There are usually a lot of used ones for sale on Craigslist from couples who thought they would like to tandem but found out they look silly riding alone on the tandem. :)
2) Make it fun. Remember, BOTH of you will be riding at exactly the same speed and length of time. We like to throw in some cheese and wine and picnic at a nearby lake or finish the ride at the local frozen yogurt store.
3) Find a dependable friend with a pickup truck. If you need a ride back home, the person you typically would call is sitting right behind you!
4) Get all the necessary protective gear: helmets, gloves, PADDED bike shorts.

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