For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By amazing2010 On 2010.09.17 22:29 [Edit]
Hi all! My husband was just diagnosed a month ago with PD at age 39. His main symptom being a tremor in right hand. My concern is: his tremor has gotten severely worse in one year. Is that possible? Does anyone have any input? We have been very worried about this. He is being followed by a neurlogist and we have an appointment again in less than two weeks but I have to say I am loosing sleep over this. Is it possible that it gets worse so fast? Thank you!

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.09.18 08:57
amazing2010, Just having Your (both you and your husbands) fears confirmed, or hearing the You have Parkinson's Disease about a month ago is enough to cause tremor to escalate. As you stated it has been getting worse over the past year, this seems like a normal reaction also as you knew something was wrong or not quite right. All this stress can cause tremors to intensify. Now you look to a future clouded by Parkinson's Disease. The A.P.D.A. has a site for Young onset Parkinson's I'd suggest looking it over and reading their booklets. Try to remember it seems everyone gets a different package of symptoms and progression with P.D.. Also try to remember these will be stressful times epically after diagnosis a time of mourning the loss of the imagined future you thought you would share and a time of adjustment to living with Parkinson's. Welcome to the forum, you can post on any message board here. I was diagnosed in 1986 shortly before my 34th birthday. So feel free to post concerns. You or anyone can email me at (just put PD or Parkinson's in subject line so I'll be sure to open it). This is a great forum with wonderful people who'll help in any way they can. You're not alone "out there". Again welcome. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By amazing2010 On 2010.09.18 09:12 [Edit]
Thank you SO MUCH lohengrin1!! We needed to hear this. This is all new and overwelming. You seem to have a very positive outlook on the whole thing. Your example is what we need to abide by. From both of us: THANK YOU!

By lurkingforacure On 2010.09.28 20:54

we are also young onset and al is right, everyone progresses at their own pace and no doc understands why. I will say this: eliminate ALL stress you can. Stress is universally recognized as horrible for PWP and it WILL make symptoms worse, sometimes permanently. This has been our experience and countless others I know.

What this means for you as spouse is that you pretty much just got promoted to CEO of everything! You will need to plan on handling all finances, household stuff, like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking out trash, laundry, yard, etc., and if you have little kids like we do, ALL the school stuff and driving to any after school activities, etc. We try to protect my husband from as much stress as possible but he still works and that, in and of itself, is very stressful.

Besides eliminating all possible stress and sources of stress, exercise. It doesn't matter what, really, although many advocate biking which my husband does sporadically, unfortunately. You can google exercise and PD, particularly tandem biking, and read up on it but the key is to keep moving as much as possible. Good luck, and do your research: there is a LOT of very promising things for PD out there. Be informed and don't be shy about asking your doc about the PD research you read, you may just be eligible to participate in a clinical trial. Good luck, stay positive.

By packerman On 2010.09.29 10:02
my husband was diagnosed 15 years ago around age 38, but we feel he had symptoms for a few years prior. we spent 5 years with a regular neurologist before finding a Movement Disorder Specialist. it made a world of difference! please try to find one in your area.
as the others have said, progression is individual. meds can help.
this forum is a godsend--you are not alone.


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