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By anidaholady On 2010.10.10 17:21
Has anyone had experience with the generic version of Mirapex (Pramipexole)? My husband had been on Mirapex for about 1 1/2 years, and then started using the generic in about March of this year. I think his balance and coordination are worse since switching from the brand name. Neither of these meds has ever controlled his tremors, but I thought the Mirapex seemed to help more with his balance and coordination than the generic is doing currently. I wonder if it was really the switch, or just the progression of disease that I am noticing. He hesitates to try switching back because of the cost difference - about $100/month. I wondered if anyone else had any experience or feedback regarding Mirapex vs. Pramipexole.

Thanks for any help!

By karolinakitty On 2010.10.10 22:11
Barb, I don't know anything about Mirapex, but i can tell you my guy can't take Ropinrole, the generic for Requip. It has the same bad effects that the generic Mirpex had on your husband, we asked the doc NOT to allow a generic.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.10.10 22:58
We can't take the generic of sinemet. THere is a post here about all the things that can vary between name brand and generic, it would be good to look it up. I learned the hard way that the only thing that has to be the same is the active ingredient! This means that the following can, and almost always do, vary from name brand to generic:

1. filler(s)
2. absorption rates (this is huge for PD)
3. bioavailability (how much of the drug you even absorb, also huge)
4. other ingredients that can affect 2 and 3 (sometimes called inactive ingredients)

Things like heat, light, moisture, and age also affect how a drug works. We try to keep ours out of the light and not kept in a hot car very long after picking up from the pharmacy, and not keep them in the bathroom where humidity of the highest in the house. Hope this helps. Don't be afraid to ask for name brand, if the generic isn't working, you may have to fight to get it but everyone knows generics are very often a useless substitute, and hopefully you'll get the med that works.

By oshroshr On 2010.10.11 20:15
My husband has only been on the generic mirapex. He started 9 months ago and it has helped him and now he has been on gabapentin with it. That helps the tremors. They also put him on klonipin but he does not take full dose cause it makes him sleep in the day. But at night, he has a hard time sleeping. The meds seem to cause there own sets of symptoms.

Hope this helps.
He did try sinemet generice 3 years prior and then went without the speciific PD meds which was not a great idea but the sinemet was very hard on him.

By anidaholady On 2010.10.13 22:36
Thanks everyone. We have ordered a refill and specified brand name this time, so will see if it makes a difference. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for your insight and advice.

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