For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By shakingpt On 2010.10.16 07:59
In 2004 along with a PD diagnosis I was also diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and had to undergo 8 painful rounds of chemo. After nearly 7 years thank God I am still in remission. The one painful side effect of the chemo was severe leg cramps which I also now have with PD. The buzz word among cancer patients was the use of Canada Dry's tonic water which contains quinine. I did find it very effective in relieving the cramping by drinking a bottle the night before sleep. I still use it with effectiveness for me with PD in addition to stretching exercises.
Now here is the caveat- Since about 2006 the FDA has fought against its use for muscle cramps, due to the potential for serious side effects. My question is: How is Canada Dry able to continue to sell their product? All I can figure is that it must be at a low enough dose to be considered even by the FDA as not to be considered harmful in small enough quantities.
Lohengrin- with your knowledge and seniority on this board I would appreciate your input on this. I am enclosing the FDA report on this below. Anyone else that can share knowledge on this your response is appreciated.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.10.16 10:06
shakingPT, Thanks for posting the link, reading it, it seems to me because the Canada Dry's tonic water is marketed as a soft drink or mixer and not as a medicine to treat any disease or condition it doesn't fall into a category the FDA is monitoring as a quinine drug. That's what I get from the article. Good question thanks for posting it. Hope this is of some help again thanks for the interesting question. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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