For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By quiltinggal On 2010.10.21 07:45
What do you do when a PD person always tries to get out of bed and falls down to the floor? And what do you do to keep them in a chair?

My 75 year old mom was recently diagnosed with PSP - progressive supranuclear palsy. When she stands her balance is off so she needs to wear a gait belt for my dad to hold her up and walk around. Her arms has no strength therefore she can not use a wheelchair or walker. Phyical therapist & occupational therapist visit to help out bathing & exercises. Nowadays she plays solitaire & watches tv.

What type of belt or strap is recommended to tie her down when my dad has to leave the room or go outside? He has a handmade belt tied around her waist when she sits in a chair but she manages to lift it up and gets out of her chair and falls down. I'm looking into making a velcro belt. There is a unattachable bed rail installed on the bed but she tries to climb over it. Is there a speical strap for her shoulders to hold her down or do we have to make one?

So far my mom has broken her wrist & shoulders & bruised her legs a few times & cut above her eyes with her glasses on whenever she falls. We need desperate advice. Thanks in advance.

By Michele On 2010.10.22 19:32

Hi Quilting, Welcome to the forum. This is a difficult and heartbreaking problem. I'm sure you and your father have a lot of guilt and fear about this situation. I don't know about restraints, but I put a link to a website above for a simple alarm system that is used in nursing homes. It can alert your father when your mother gets up from a chair or bed. I wish you all the best.

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