For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mylove On 2010.10.26 00:45
Good heavens, everyone. Every day finds a new snake oil salesman.

Here's one or two new ones to look out for, claiming to cure various and sundry disorders including PD:

Detoxification and Chelation products and test kits:

"Miracle Mineral Supplement":

I would hate to think that someone desperately seeking some kind of treatment would buy into something like these. Passing them along FYI. Stay educated, everyone - and keep a skeptic's eye!

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.10.26 00:52
Thanks for the heads up!

By sarakayhatch On 2010.11.09 17:08
I just read of a study where 80 people were given C0Q10 for PD. The ones who responded the best took 1200 mg's a day.
I talked to a woman whose mother has PD and was not able to walk at all. She started a C0Q10 regimine and is doing much better.
We are trying it to see if it may help. My husband is not on any meds yet as he was just diagnosed with PD. According to the report C0Q10 has no side effects and does no harm.
He is taking the full 1200mgs a day. We will ask his neurologist about this when we see her this week.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.11.09 19:09
Sarakayhatch, As to CQ10, the jury is still out on that one. They initially did a test study on a small group (about 20 to 30 people I believe) according to that study it seemed to "delay progression". This statement is such a fairytale, We all progress at different rates with different symptoms that to make a statement like that, is in my opinion unethical. However I digress, when the results of the study were released the report ended with a plea from researchers asking the public (patients) not to rush out and begin taking CQ10 because larger studies were needed. Well people rushed out to buy "the cure"! The reason the researchers wanted people to wait was to take part in the study one needed to not EVER taken CQ10! The broadcast news didn't include the plea at first then when it was asked to refrain many said no way I want to get the benefits now! So this research died before anything could be proven. Of course no one tells the public this because they want to sell CQ10! Cited studies should be investigated as to authenticity as it is sold as a supplement and not a Drug so tests or claims don't come under the same scrutiny and regulations as medication. Many may swear by CQ10 but unfortunately We will never know now while Snake oil Salesmen make profit. There is a phenomenon called the placebo effect, while there is nothing wrong with it and the patient believes it helps, it still should be recognized as such and not touted as a direct benefit of something else. You are new to all this and there are many flashy eye-catching claims made. Be wary as to claims, while something might not be harmful to the body it can be hurtful to the pocketbook. Stick with Us, keep posting and good to have you in our forum family. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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