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By caregivermary On 2010.10.29 17:18

I noticed in one of your post your Dad has vision loss. Is it due to a specific eye disease or general degeneration of the brain? My husb has had loss of vision in both eyes and we learned this week he has optic nerve damage. Apparently from degeneration of the brain and low blood supply.

By susger8 On 2010.11.01 13:38
Hi -- dad has glaucoma, which came on much more quickly than it normally does, and caused damage to both optic nerves before we realized it. The less damaged eye had a significant cataract (the other eye had a cataract removed several years ago), so the ophthalmologist thought it would make sense to remove the cataract to improve the vision in at least one eye. Unfortunately, his eye was irritated from the surgery and the multitude of drops, so Dad kept rubbing it and caused an eyelid infection. Along with that he somehow scratched the cornea, which due to the infection did not heal as well as we would wish. The cornea is still uneven there, and it's right in front of his field of vision. So, he is left with impaired vision in both eyes.

I asked the ophthalmologist if there was any link between glaucoma and PD, and he didn't know of one. But I did find in my research that low blood supply to the optic nerve can cause damage, and since so many PWP have low blood pressure, it seems logical to me that it might contribute.

So I recommend regular eye exams for our PWPs.

So sorry that your husband has loss of vision. It just makes everything even worse.


By caregivermary On 2010.11.01 14:07
Thanks. My husb has had an annual eye exam by a opthalmolgist for some time. Unfortunately, from Oct 09 to this Oct the damage took place. So easy for these side issues to creep up.

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