For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By worriedaboutdad On 2010.11.03 18:05
I worry about my Daddy all the time. It never goes away. Sometimes, I think if there is no apparent thing to worry about, I dream something up. These are my worries for today:
I worry that he is sad because he is no longer in his home.
I worry that he feels alone.
I worry that I am not doing the best I can for him.
I worry that he will catch pneumonia this winter and may be even more prone in the facility. (borrowing trouble here)
I worry that he will choke due to swallowing problems.
I worry about his meds because he is taking Thorazine which i have read is not good for PD patients.
I worry that he will leave us and then I worry that he will linger in his broken bosy TOO long.
So, this is what I do....I worry.

By Mary On 2010.11.04 17:29
If worrying helped, I'd say go for it. But it doesn't help your Dad and only makes you feel worse. You are allowed to have what I call a "worry melt down" period and then you take a deep breath and start doing what you can, under the circumstances beyond your control, to give your Dad the best quality of life he can have at this point, which mostly means sitting with him, holding his hand, loving him!

When I was going through this with my Dad, I always thought to myself that I would not want my kids feeling worried and sad for me but there I was doing it for my Dad. Go figure!

Hugs and blessings, Mary

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