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By rita-bob On 2010.11.07 20:33
My husband has just started experiencing "Episodes" of staring into space. He can hear me but is not able to respond. It only lasts for seconds and then he is back to normal. Has anyone else had this experience? Our family Doctor doesn't know why it is happening. It is not drug related. His medications have not changed.
We will be having an EEG this week and also have an Event Monitor placed on him for possibly a month.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.11.07 23:42
rita-bob, This sounds like it may be freezing. There have been some posts relating these episodes to seizures. This idea of seizures is new to me as I've never heard of them related to Parkinson's Disease. However new things are learned everyday so who am I to say. Your Family Doctor probably isn't very well versed in Parkinson's Disease so a movement disorder Doctor or Neurologist would be a better source of information on this subject.

I'd check with your Neurologist first before getting too involved with testing. If it's Parkinson's related which seems to be the case as you describe it, otherwise it could lead to many tests and huge medical expenses along with undue stress on both of you and end up at the Neurologists office eventually. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By rita-bob On 2010.11.08 07:20
Neurologist is also aware of the symptoms. He isn't sure either what is causing it. Both Dr.'s are consulting with each other. I think the tests are to rule out seizures, a tumor or other problem. I am not anxious to have him go through these tests, but we need to know if there are other problems.
I appreciate your input.

By karolinakitty On 2010.11.08 08:27
i have to say that my guy gets these now and then and we assumed they were due to freezing. he kinda stares off... can't move, but he also isn't able to hear me until i either raise my voice or like try to move him or get his attention in some way. He's had several EEG's and MRI's so there were no seizures at those times or evidence of them.
Our neuro was stumped too but the movement doctor said they were freezing episodes. The neuro wanted to script him Amantadine but after questioning the movement doc, he thought it unnecssary due to the side effects and frequency of events.

By Emma On 2010.11.08 09:04
My husband also goes through these episodes. When I brought them up to the neurologist he was perplexed but decided to order tests to rule out seizures, stroke, etc. His thinking, which I appreciate, is that he doesn't want to make the mistake of ascribing everything to Parkinson's when it may in fact be something else. I agree with him, the PWP is still a person and is just as vulnerable to other medical conditions as anyone. We can't lose sight of that. At any rate, the MRI and other tests showed no seizure activity, no evidence of stroke and no other changes to his brain. Is it freezing? Maybe. We don't know, but at least we do know that he's not having seizures or strokes when this happens so that's a comforting relief for both of us.

By Lotsapies On 2010.11.08 10:15
Wow this is what my husband has been experiencing since his diagnosis in March. He is on Keppra now-1325 mg 2X a day. In fact he had a major one last Sunday and quit breathing twice. I ended up calling 911 since he had never stopped breathing before after one of these and I was freaking out. The fireman said it was not unusual to stop breathing after a seizure but was new to us. We finally got an appointment and are going to the VA today to up his meds if necessary. The doctors (nuero's) have also said it is not part of the Parkinson's and can't explain why it is-they call them petite mal seizures. After they happen he loses consciousness. Bob was having them at least once a day before the last time they "up'd" his meds and seemed to have them under control until last Sunday.

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