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By BeverlyK On 2010.11.14 07:49
My husband just returned from the hospital two days ago after a severe round of aspiration pneumonia-he was in ICU for several days. Since swallowing was poor. they put in a peg tube nine days ago (after two tries). He could not tolerate the feedings (residual) and they took him on/off the food, finally sending him home with a formula that worked (he lost 10 pounds he cannot afford to lose the week after the tube was put in). There had to be someone by his side at all times in the hospital to make sure he did not take out the tube. He came home on Friday night and had a stomach ache and residual on Saturday morning. His tube was covered, but when the caregiver left the room for a couple of minutes, he yanked and pulled the tube out. So much came out, including bile. He went to the emergency room and they said they would have to put in a new tube in a new location. We decided not to put the tube in- we knew he could pull it out and we are now sure it will happen again. We were told to try to feed him slowly (on a dysphagia diet). He choked on pudding (crushed meds in it) and we are trying thickened liquids through the mouth. Any ideas? There are no good choices.

By Pearly4 On 2010.11.14 12:25
Feeding tubes are a whole website in and of their own - pros and cons, etc. We simply let my mother eat whatever she could hold down and that usually was melted ice cream! Have you contacted Hospice for their input?

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