For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By hubb On 2010.11.14 12:24
I haven't been able to post much lately as old PD has kept me pretty busy - once they start down the declining road, our duties as caretaker increase. In reading all the posts lately, it seems to me that what we all are suffering from is grief. We see our loved one, who isn't the same at all any more, and even though they are still with us, we are grieving because the one we knew isn't there. I have watched two friends go thru grief - one whose husband just dropped dead of an aneurysmn at their grandson's soccer game, and one whose husband betrayed her with another woman, and then there's me who is going thru years of caretaking and makes me wonder which is the worst - or probably shouldn't even make such a comparison. But no matter whether your PWP is young or old, we all are grieving in our own way and sometimes the only way we can get through the day without screaming and shouting is to vent in this forum - so I say, vent away, we all sure do understand because we have been there. I remember reading an old Ann Landers column about caretaking and a young son had written in regarding his father who died with PD and he said, he may have just died, but we lost him a long time ago.
So we all face grief in different ways, but to me it comes right along with caregiving....caregiving, not caretaking.

By Michele On 2010.11.14 17:31
Hubb, you are so right. I went through intense grief when my husband was first diagnosed (after a lot of denial). After that it was a slow process of loss and grief -- watching the man I love disappearing little by little. Now that man is a memory. I have (mostly)accepted my "job" as taking care of him having left my paying job. I cherish the sweet moments we have although they are few. I also have the need for this forum to be here for me to vent when I need it.

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