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By karolinakitty On 2010.11.19 08:02
Hey gang.. i wanted to throw this out to those with RLS as well as the PD.
My guy has felt, since the onset of his PD, that maybe there was a problem with his ankles since they seemed to feel so weak to him. Weaker than maybe they should be. Both docs seemed to brush it off as just a part of things but it has been nagging him for quite some time. We talked about it in length 2 weeks ago and decided to purchase, online, some standard ankle braces to help him with the weakness. Also his ankles were swelling up big time this summer, along with this calves. Now that our winter is starting the calf swelling had reduced but at least one of his ankles has continued to swell.
Also my guy gets severe calf cramps and has not RLS (docs said no), but his legs have severe twitching and tremors, where it happens during the day as well as night. The basic "shaking" as well as kicking out.
He has been wearing them (both ankles) daily, all day, for almost 2 weeks now and have found he has no more severe issues.
I haven't been kneed or kicked at night. The tremors have not disappeared, but have lessened, and the kickouts, during the day are gone.
While I am no medical professional, I think sometimes we get to a point of I'll try anything. This seems to work. They were not expensive, $62 for both with shipping. they have velcro straps making it easy for me to put on, fit under the heel and wrap nicely around the ankle for the support.

They are: Active Ankle T2 Hinged Ankle brace. The website is and they are on ebay too......

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