For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lvmymom On 2010.11.19 20:50
My mother's face would contract and spasm so tightly inward that her eyes were smashed closed for hours on end. So tightly you couldn't pry them open to add drops or anything. Kind of crazy. It started out a little bit and got worse over a three or four year period.

She became functionally blind.

I suggested Botox to poison the muscles keeping them from working ... three years ago but our Neurologist felt my mother could/should try to manage keeping her eyes open and work on the muscles herself.... I continued to ask and FINALLY another neurologist in their office said he'd do it and IT WORKED. Had it done about 2 weeks ago.

I know I asked on this forum in the past if anyone else had tired it and some said they had with mixed results. Side effects of dry sore eyes.

My mom can see now. And she tries to dab water onto her eyes when she thinks of it. So far no sore eyes.

What a difference! She is able to think better, eat better ... well, just everything better!

I'm thrilled! I think I'm even happier than my mom because she had become content with the darkness. I love the interaction I missed!

Anyway - she can see her Thanksgiving meal this year and will see all her grandchildren, neices, nephews, and everyone who loves her.

I'm thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

By susger8 On 2010.11.22 08:09
This is interesting -- I will have to keep this in mind. My dad also tends to have spasms that close his eyes. He already has vision problems and an ongoing eyelid infection, so I wasn't thinking that something like Botox might help. I am taking him to the neuro today so maybe I will ask about that.

(Plain eye drops would be more comfortable than water for your mother's eyes -- water has no salt in it, but your eye fluid does.)


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