For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.11.23 10:52
We survived.. the WC accessible room we got her was great...HUGE actually. Roll in shower, ton's of grab bars, tons of square footage to move around room, ramps to balcony etc.

My brothers all came and all 6 of us kids pitched in and took turns with mom. We did not bring our spouses or kids.. it was just mom and her children. She was in heaven (even though she wanted the spouses and grandkids).

My brothers treated my sister and I to a day at the spa.. We are the local caregivers and they are all out of town so they pitched in a ton and gave us a break. Lucky us! We got time to sleep during the day (decadent)... and go out at night.

We brought mom's 20 inch wide WC, her walker (didn't use) and her bedside comode which we only used a couple times in the night.

Cruise employees were very accomodating... John Q Public was very rude at times cutting us off to get in elevators. Able bodied people who arrived at the elevators after my mother... UNBELIEVABLE. Only one of us would take mom on the elevator and the rest of us would do the stairs.

Oh and great WC accesible public restrooms too.. .they gave us a list of all locations before we boarded the ship.

Cruising is great for people in WC :)

By MJ-Camano On 2010.11.23 12:16
Just curious - what cruiseline did you use?? It's nice to know this may be the way to travel....

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.11.23 12:23
Norweigan Dawn. Great crowd..very few little children.. not many college kids... but not too old either.

Mom's mini-suite that was WC accessible was 1200 for 5 nights (2 person occupancy). I want to say it was equivilent to TWO regular mini-suites as far as size. We only went to two ports (which is fine with me)... one was Grand Cayman and mom could not get off becasue they don't dock the boat...they transfer you to a tender which is a smaller boat and they don't do WC.. I was also nervous about WC accessible bathrooms on the small islands and abiltiy to push mom's WC when roads are not always paved.

We did get off in Cozumel and do a bit of tourist trap shopping.

Mom has cruised a ton and didn't care about excursions etc. We just enjoyed the boat, service and she enjoyed the neverending food!!!

If you are considering it there is a website cruisecritic dot com that has a section about traveling on cruise in a WC. Lots of questions answered there before we booked it.

Also..I read somewhere that it is reccomended to not do the Carnival or lower end Royal Carribean cruises as they are not as WC friendly.

Believe it or not I also read that Manhattan was a great place to travel with a WC. We hope to be able to take mom to Parkinson's Unity Walk in the spring in Central Park.... we took her in 2005 and had a great time. We surprised her and it was by far her favorite vacation.

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