For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By susger8 On 2010.11.24 10:41
Monday I took Dad to the neurologist, did the usual groceries, prescriptions, mail, chatting and so forth. I was nearly home when his aide called -- he had a fall and was complaining that his shoulder/arm were painful. Now, he's got a high pain threshold, so when he says something hurts, I take it seriously. I was preparing for a night sitting around in the ER when it occurred to me that the urgent care clinic right around the corner from his house might still be open. I called and praise be, they said they would stay till we got there. They even sent one of their staff (a strong guy who is also an EMT) over to help me get him in the car (more challenging than usual because we were trying to keep him from using the hurt arm).

Good news all around -- nothing broken, and although he bumped his head, no sign of concussion. The staff were SO nice. The EMT guy helped us get him in and out of the car going home, too.

This clinic is only a half mile away and the one other time we went there, I actually pushed him there in the wheelchair rather than use the car. Well, that time was in summer! What a great resource to have nearby.

It made me so happy that my experience there was good, I had to share.


By Emma On 2010.11.24 11:15
How nice to hear that something turned out well. Having things go easily for both you and your dad was a blessing. Something to be thankful for at Thanksgiving time!

By parkinit On 2010.12.03 21:25
A good reminder for those bumps and bruises that urgent care clinics are usually faster and many times handier than the ER if the hours are right! Thanks.

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