For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Lacy On 2010.11.24 20:12
My husband has been doing extremely well lately - especially after a week when I thought he was really going downhill. He's back to using his walker and taking care of himself in the bathroom!

And so......I went after a few groceries for Thanksgiving dinner. I took them out of the bags and put some away only to realize I'd forgotten a few things. I left the rest of the groceries on the table. He was sitting at the table and I figured he'd be fine until I got back. (We have someone staying with us so I knew he'd be safe. )

Well now.....I get home and everything on the table was opened....chocolate chips were everywhere, rice cakes (4 different kinds) were all opened, loaf of bread open and a slice or two missing, a bag of caramels opened, marshmallow fluff opened with little finger marks inside, and a potato chip bag was ripped open and chips all over the place. I couldn't help myself, I broke out laughing so hard I couldn't stand up and there he sat with the biggest grin on his face, like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

I asked him why he did that and he said "I got bored.....and hungry."

I had a mess to clean up but I was caught up in the moment and it's one I'll cherish for a long time. This was a wonderful surprise compared to the blank stares I've been getting up until this week.

The doctor increased his Mirapex to 4 pills 3 times a day and I do believe that finally it is actually taking effect.

By Emma On 2010.11.25 02:49
Great story and a good reminder that we all need to lighten up and find the humor sometimes. I will remember this next time I start to get frustrated with something my husband does. Thank you for sharing!

By karolinakitty On 2010.11.25 10:37
I know how you feel Lacy ....

My guy has the 3am feeding frenzy and not only have i had cookies dumped on my head(he nodded off while eating them) but i woke up one morning to find the ice cream in the wrong side of the fridge. I didn't get mad because at least he remembered to shut the doors...
you are right we need to laugh ......

By parkinit On 2010.12.03 21:33
I had to have a good laugh on this one as this so sounds like my guy, too. I often wake up and find juice left out, the garage fridge open (where we keep our sodas), and various snacks scattered around the kitchen. Today, he was gliding by (in his power chair) some chocolate chips I had left out to remind me to bake cookies later and he started fingering them. I gently said, "Those are for the cookies I'm going to make you later." He left them alone.

It sounds like we have crazed squirrels going loose in our homes at night, but alas, it is just our beloveds. :)

By Lacy On 2010.12.04 02:12
I do so enjoy reading these responses from others who are able to see humor in this otherwise gut-wrenching situation we're all in. My husband has said and done some of the funniest things in the last few months and we have a good laugh about them and share the moment.

What is strange about it all in our situation is that he comes from a family that has basically no sense of humor, him right along with them. Rarely did he ever say anything funny and his family took everything literally and never saw humor in anything. (How I got hooked up with them all is beyond me!)

But now.....he sees humor in so many things and often comes up with the funniest quips when I least expect it. I'm having more fun with him now than I have in all the 46 years we've been married. But it sure is sad that it took something like Parkinsons to bring it all out in him.

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