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By oshroshr On 2010.11.24 21:57
I have noticed some changes in husbands balance although he has not fallen yet.
He now uses a cane but sometimes he will start to move and seem to have difficulty stopping, Or he will move one foot and drag the other like a dance step. Has anyone seen this? When the neurologist asks him to walk he does better than his usual. I notice subtle changes but do not know when to be super concerned.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.11.25 00:13
oshroshr, These problems you describe are symptoms of the disease, progression of the disease. There's not much you can do about it except to mention it at Dr's visits and as one of the wise caregivers said in another post, make sure you tell the Doctor, stress the fact if and when it becomes a problem with activities of daily living. Remember though the Doctor might want to hold off medication early into problems. This is done because some medicines have only so long a time period (window) of working and are held to the point when they will give best relief for the patient and problem. As hard as this sounds it does make sense if given at the start of a problem, down the road when the problem is affecting daily living.........well......the medication isn't available and you're stuck with nothing to help.

Your observation of doing better than usual when at the doctors quite common I think, or at least it seems, reading the forum it is a common remark from caregivers/partners after Doctors visits. Why this is, I think if we look at it, the Doctor ask's Us to walk down the hall ............ok..turn around and walk back. As We Patients are doing this we're concentrating upon the task of walking. At home We don't concentrate on getting up and going to the other room. We've done it all our life it's automatic ...except now....... with Parkinson's and fluctuations in our motor skills daily or from day to day, even hour to hour or minute to minute nothings automatic like before. I'd bet if the Doc was on the porch and said I want you to walk down the driveway and pick up the newspaper you'd notice a difference also. I think in may be a matter of knowing we're being evaluated on the task, we tend to pay more attention to what and how we're doing it. What can be done about this? I don't know, you caregivers can't follow us around with a clip board all day checking off performance or saying I want you to.........well not without Us getting a bit teed off and by the end of the day suggesting a place for you to put that clip board. Or by days end You running to the medicine cabinet for a swig of Maalox! I guess a be careful or pay attention when you're doing that once in awhile might help or be ok (with the stress on once in awhile from the patients view) Hope this makes some sense of the Why do We always do better in the Doctors Office. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Emma On 2010.11.25 02:12
I agree with LOHENGRIN, tell the doctor about any changes you notice. Our neuro will usually then ask my husband if the new or worsened symptom is interfering with his quality of life. If it's not he holds off on increasing or changing meds. My husband always does better at the doctors office too, LOHENGRIN'S explanation for that is interesting, I hadn't thought about the fact that he was specifically focusing on his walking in that situation. Makes sense. He always does better when we're around other people too. In that situation I think that he's more aware of his disability and how he's perceived by others so he focuses more on appearing "normal". Usually he crashes and burns later because he used up all of his energy and resources putting on a show.

By oshroshr On 2010.11.25 21:57
thanks for the insights into this. Tonite my husband is exhausted as his sister and neice came today for Thanksgiving. I also have his 93 year old mother living here and have for 14 years. When they all get together...typical family stuff and this really plays him out. Love to hear from other patients on how things like this affect you. I am trying to take care of all but I wonder if I will be able to do it sometime.

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