For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sannph On 2010.11.24 22:23
My husband has occasionally had times where he moans; when questioned he says that nothing is hurting. He doesn't seem to be aware that he's doing it; when I get to the point of being really annoyed I ask him if he could please stop but he only stops for a brief time and starts again. Lately the moaning is happening more often. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this??

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.11.25 00:28
sannph? Have you noticed a change or difference in His breathing during times He's moaning? If nothing's hurting and He doesn't seem to know He's doing it, it could be the Parkinson's. Did He just increase medication's or introduce new med's? If not then I would lean toward Parkinson's effecting His diaphragm, lungs or throat causing exhaling to sound sort of like moaning? I know this might sound crazy but a hitch or tic in the diaphragm causes a hiccup, so it's not that far a stretch a tic or hitch in throat muscles could produce a "moan". Don't know but I'd run the problem by the Neurologist, see what they think. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By karolinakitty On 2010.11.25 08:53
sannph .... my guy does that also .... it sounds like it is a moan of pain and like yours, he doesn't realize he is doing it. Another thing he does is sigh a lot, as if he is sad or bored and believe me he is not bored, he keeps himself on his toes. I used to ask a lot about his sighing and moaning, and as LO suggested, i did mention it last time at the Movement doc and he said something similar to LO's comment. Since the receptors get messed up, what we consider a "voluntary" reaction in PD can become an "involuntary"action. He also told me that some PD patients get chronic hiccups, that really can harm them. There are some meds to help with the hiccups and don't interfere with PD meds, from what he said.
My guy has been doing this for a good while now so i am used to it and don't ask all the time if everything is ok....i have learned to distinguish the real moan of pain from the "tic" if you want to call it that.

By oshroshr On 2010.11.25 22:01
although it has stopped recently, my husband hums a lot. Seems like this was actually one of the original symptoms but I did not know at the time a couple of years ago. The humming can drive you crazy until you realize it is Parkinsons which I did not at the time. He did not know he was doing it.

By sannph On 2010.12.04 22:09
Thanks for the comments; I will ask the neuro when we have the next appt.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.12.05 10:04
my mom does not moan but she breathes strange... breathes like she is in pain almost like a labor coach would teach you to breath.

When I question her on it she denies being in pain...maybe it is just due to physical exertion on mom's part..who knows. I do notice it more when she transfers etc.

By oshroshr On 2010.12.06 21:58
Does humming go along with the moaning too? Before my husbands symptoms got more acute, he was humming so much we started to say in jest, no humming. He did not know he was doing it. Now he does not much but every once in a while it starts.

When I read all of the different issues, I see his symptoms in varying amounts.

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