For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By oshroshr On 2010.11.25 22:05
In the last month or so, my husband is falling asleep alot even though the Mirapex has not been increased or decreased. He will sleep early and then be up in the early morning hours sometimes 3 am or so. Or he will not sleep at all and then go a day and then be exhausted and fall asleep early evening and then wake up at 3 am again and be AWAKE.
I worry if I am sleeping and he is going up and down the steps etc. Any ideas on this?

By susger8 On 2010.11.29 08:59
This is a problem for my dad also -- he is not on any DA agonists any more, just Sinemet. I do try not to let him sleep too much in the daytime. And I have tried giving him melatonin (two 3 mg tablets at bedtime) which seems to help him sleep longer and not wake up as early.


By karolinakitty On 2010.11.29 12:57
We do requip and have that problem. His is more narcoleptic as he can fall asleep while eating. Fortunately we have no steps anywhere.
Drowsiness, sleepiness is a side effect of the Mirapex. Maybe consult the doc and see if it needs to be taken down in mg.......

By hubb On 2010.11.29 13:16
We also have this problem, but he's not on anything but sinamet. It seems to come and go - sometimes he'll go to bed around 6 pm and sleep until 8 or 9 the next morning, but awaking long enough to go to bathroom & take his meds. At one time, the neuro suggested it might be depression and gave him some pills, but they did nothing and so we didn't continue them. I think it's just part of the disease's progression. If he gets overtired, then he cannot sleep so it's easier on both of us just to let him sleep - same as when you had babies - never wake a sleeping PD person has worked for us. I also think that when they have tremors and dyskensias, it also tires them out so much because they expend so much energy. I am so thankful we downsized years ago and have no stairs to contend with - he just couldn't handle that. He used to fall asleep while talking to someone or while eating, but we seem to be past that stage so you just figure out one problem and another pops up. When he wasn't sleeping good, the neuro also suggested melatonin, but before I could give him any, he started this sleeping a lot so I have a bottle of melatonin on hand just in case. Life is never simple with PD that's for sure.

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