For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By worriedaboutdad On 2010.12.01 19:19
Well, we are beginning the process of trying to get Daddy home. My family and I are moving into his house. However, we both work so we will need somone to be with him during the day. I know that there are different resources/agencies depending on where you are, but any general suggestions as where to start? I know an agency is probably safer in terms of background checks etc while a private individual would be cheaper. What have been your experiences?

By rmshea On 2010.12.01 22:29
We work with an agency; greater peace of mind as the person is insured, bonded, background checked. Also, if the caregiver gets sick or can't work, the agency provides a substitute.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.12.01 23:32
Worried, At the top of this page click on "home".......then click on " resources" scroll down to senior information. (about 2/3 to 3/4 down the page) keep scrolling till you see click on there. It will take you to a site that works in any area of the country. After filling in some basic info (you can guesstimate and anonymously fill it in) it will show what the patient might qualify for and the phone numbers, address etc. of the nearest office to you or the patients home. I hope this helps. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Emma On 2010.12.02 04:42
Worried, since I'm home with my husband we don't have this situation. Right now I just have someone come in once or twice a week so I can get out. At this time my sister is doing that so I don't worry about it but otherwise I would use an agency and especially if it was full time. My aunt and uncle have full time help and they use an agency, it saves a lot of headaches because the agency always makes sure someone is there, they never have to worry about not having someone show up. Good luck whatever you decide to do!

By susger8 On 2010.12.02 07:41
For my dad we use an agency. I seriously considered going private, but even though the agency is more expensive, they do background checks and give training. They always provide a backup aide in case the regular aide can't be there. And they pay the taxes and so forth. Technically if you employ someone directly, you are supposed to withhold taxes. Most people don't do that and nothing bad happens, but I didn't want that worrying me.

I found the agency by getting a list of agencies from the county Office on Aging and calling about two dozen of them. Some I eliminated because they were too expensive. Some sounded too "corporate." One demanded to know how we were going to pay before discussing anything else -- Not the kind of place I wanted to deal with! I settled on a smallish agency run by a husband (social worker) and wife (registered nurse). The wife is Filipino and most of their employees are Filipinos. I have to say that I have come to like people from the Philippines very much. Their culture has a great respect for the elderly. All the aides we have had have been well educated (including a nurse, several teachers and a civil engineer) and speak English well. And they are very friendly and affectionate with my dad.

By the way, it is usually less expensive to have live-in care round the clock than to hire someone for 8-hour days. This seems weird, but it's because the live-in gets their room and board.


By MJ-Camano On 2010.12.02 11:32
I use an agency also (in WA State.) It is a peace of mind for me, I have a wonderful gal that has been coming here for about 6 months. At first we had a few other caregivers come until one day this exceptional person came. I was able to call the agency and ask for her all the time and they arranged the schedule so she could come here 3 days week. I didn't have to go thru any interview process for a caregiver or have to deal with telling someone not to come any more. Previously I had a companion come by for about 6 hours a week, this was not a good experience - not trained, not reliable, etc.

Yes, you pay more per hour than hiring someone privately; but my gal also does perhaps more during the day - she is a great assistance to my husband and myself.

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