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By BOCareGiver On 2010.12.08 22:39
Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of overnight diaper? The Unique Wellness briefs seem to fit the bill (holds 87 ounces of liquid with NASA's space-age technology!), but they seem somewhat bulky. I am looking for a product that will allow my PWP (and me!) to sleep through the night without trips to the commode and numerous diaper/brief changes.

By Lacy On 2010.12.09 09:11
I, too, am looking for this. I'm also looking into adult plastic/rubber pants similar to what babies wear and wondering if others have tried them. How well do they work? Right now my PWP gets up in the night but in the morning, he's still wet along with the pads on the bed. It's a constation rotation of changing pads, Depends and clothing.

By WellShoneMoon On 2010.12.10 15:06
My husband has been using external catheters (a/k/a condom catheters a/k/a "Texas" catheters) at night for the past six or eight months, and they are a life saver to us. He has to urinate several times a night, and he can't get to the bathroom without my help, and he can't use the urinal on his own, so he was waking me up every few hours to hold the urinal for him. Our home-health nurse recommended we try these external catheters, and I bless her for that. (She even measured my husband so we got the right size!) I know some people find they can't use them, but they have worked very well for us. I order a re-supply by phone every month, and so far Medicare has paid for everything.

By oshroshr On 2010.12.10 22:23
The best one I have found and it still leaks is the Walgreen brand Certainty. It actually fits my guy who is heavy so we get the XL. We also do the rotaing pad thing and I do not really know what the external catheters are like. Are they invasive? Do they provide more rest?
He just doesnt wake up to go and we wash a lot of stuff every day.

By WellShoneMoon On 2010.12.12 13:23
The external catheters are not invasive. They are used like a condom (hence the name -- condom catheters). The urine goes through a tube into a bag. I always have a pad under my husband when he's in bed, in case there's a leak, but (knock wood) so far we haven't had a leak. My husband says he wakes up every time he urinates at night, so he's not urinating in his sleep, but the catheters certainly provide more rest to me! Before we started using the condom catheters, he woke up every time he needed to urinate, and he had to wake me up each time to help him. Now I sleep through the night.

By parkinit On 2010.12.13 17:53
I mentioned trying the Texas catheters to my spouse and he was worried about having to lie still while in bed so as not to disrupt the catheter or bag. Is this an issue?

By WellShoneMoon On 2010.12.14 08:41
It's true that my spouse lies pretty still all night long -- I don't know how he does that. I can imagine that if he were to lie on his stomach that would disrupt the catheter. But I would think that just turning to one side or the other would be OK, as long as you get the kind of catheter that sticks on pretty well. We use a "wide band" catheter made by Rochester Medical. The "wide band" refers to the sticky part of the condom, by the way -- not the size.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.12.15 08:59
We use the walgreens brand too. We buy them at the store because they give us a 20% on all walgreens brands on Tuesdays for people at my mom's ALF..she gets 15% off all other stuff on Tuesdays.. We stock up

Mom still wakes in the middle of the night to go and buzzes for help... but if if the aids dont come in time she "uses" the diaper.

We do have a bit of a leakage issue but mostly because they just dont fit as well as children's diapers.. when mom urinates it's almost like it cannot all soak in quick enough.

If your PWP wakes to pee...will a diaper stop them from waking? I wouldn't think so.. Is your PWP open to just using the diaper instead of waking you up? Mom prefers not to...despite the amount of energy it takes to get her into the bathroom in the middle of the night. Energy from the caregiver and energy from mom.

I hope you find an answer..and if you buy them at Walgreens... ask the pharmacist if they have any deals for people at assisted living facilities... (even if your PWP lives at home).. and then if they say yes...explain your situtaiton..they might let your in on a weekly deal that they offer for a nearby ALF. Walgreens has been really great to us... the are great with filling mom's meds, offering to deliver if I am busy... and the discount is amazing...the discount is even on sale prices and after coupons. .

By mylove On 2010.12.15 09:12
I know it's personal preference, FL, but if she's still invested in getting up and getting to the bathroom if possible, would it make it easier on her and the aide to have a bedside commode? Shorter trip, less effort. Just a thought. I know some people don't care for them.

By parkinit On 2010.12.16 22:10
We use the Tena brand - right now they are on sale at Walgreens - 20% OFF and no shipping charges. This was the best price I could find on the internet. I think it was around .86/each.

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