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By lurkingforacure On 2010.12.12 16:01
One of my resolutions is to try to focus more on the blessings in my life and see things in the positive. Easier said than done, I know, and I also know there are just those days when nothing is a blessing, or at least you cannot see it no matter how hard you try.

So in that spirit I'm sharing a "small thing" that has made my husband's dressing easier. Costco sells Kirkland (their house brand) wool socks, something like four pair for ten bucks. They are a weird greenish color but 70% merino wool and made in the USA. On a lark I bought my husband a pack and today he said he loves them because they make it easier to put on his shoes-they are more slippery than cotton so easier to slide into the shoe. Plus, they are quite padded so they make his boots fit better. Who knew?

Wool socks are quite expensive so I thought this was a really good deal. Plus, I'll actually pay more for something made in the USA so the fact that these socks were made here, well, that was another bonus for me. This is a small thing, I know, but if it makes my husband's chore of getting dressed easier, well, it all adds up. Plus it's winter....wool socks are way warmer than cotton.

By parkinit On 2010.12.13 17:54
Good point and idea. I'll have to try this!

By TiredTexan On 2010.12.14 15:05
Just a thought - have you considered "slipper socks"? I am ordering some from L. L. Bean for my spouse's cold feet when he is sitting around. Most are hand washable, so can't be tossed in the washing machine. If you search on Internet, there are several sources.

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