For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By gap2010 On 2010.12.13 18:19
Well, i got home from work today and my husband said he forgot that he had put beans on for dinner and was lying on the couch watching tv when all of the sudden the smoke alarm went off. Of course we all do things like this I know, but just concerned about him cooking at home while no one else is there. But I have to work, so I will just hope this doesn't become a habit.

Very tired these days...working during the week, pastoring two churches part-time, helping to take care of my granddaughter and then anything else that comes up. There are times I am not sure where I am going to get the energy to keep going. Currenlty my husband is into drawing and designing things all of the time and wanting to tell me all about it. And he wants to buy things all of the time. right now he wants to buy a golf cart to help get him out to the woods for hunting and he has told someone we will buy a bay window to put in the front room that we are supposed to be closing in for our granddaughter. Not sure how that is going to get done, but will have to wait and see. It just seems like everything is speeding up around me and chaos is becoming more of an issue and I am the one slowing down.

Sigh.....just venting. Hope all of you are having a better day today!

By karolinakitty On 2010.12.13 18:49
Gap .... When i was a caregiver for my gram, i worked also for awhile. When i did, i used to plate up food for the microwave. Always had it in the fridge where she could get it easily, always wrap with film wrap or Saran, with how the number on a piece of tape as to how many minutes.... This helped a lot. She stumbled a lot but not from PD, she had heart issues. This saved us from anything burning or spilling. I also bought a carafe for her coffee. Now they have those thermos pumps that are awesome. I use one for my guy. If you leave hot water in it while the coffee is brewing, it keeps the coffee hot for 24hours.... I was working and had two of my boys at that time, so i always cooked a little extra so i could give her a good meal until i got home.... If you have a microwave with that annoying beep until you open the door, this will surely get him off the couch to get his food out.... :)
The rest ... Can you have someone in the congregation's do a sermon/teaching once in a while to give you a break there. My old pastor had Chrones and some of us would fill in, to more of a teaching than a sermon for when he was real sick. You would know who to pick for that duty.

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