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By Emma On 2010.12.14 03:20
Is anyone using a plate guard for their PWP? If so, what kind and how well does it work? My husband has a terrible time keeping food on his plate, most of it ends up on him and/or on the floor. It's frustrating for him and meal times are turning into a chore for both of us. It's also embarrassing for him and makes him hesitant to eat in front of other people. My concern with a plate guard, and I realize that it's a small investment but as I said in a previous post I already have a garage full of good ideas gone bad, is that he will just scoop his food right over the top of the guard and it will still end up on the floor. Any input or other suggestions would be appreciated.

By karolinakitty On 2010.12.14 08:36
Ok Emma... this is what we do..... Please i don't mean to be funny but it is a joke in our house.
Due to the fact he falls asleep during most meals, i was at my wits end about losing the food on my brand new furniture. We are living room eaters and this was a small problem. I tried an old pillow on his lap but that didn't work. I looked at TV trays and they were either too expensive or weren't exactly what i wanted. Soooooooo
We were on one of our adventures and low and behold, in a Hobby Lobby (hobby store) and there were TV trays for kids, to sit on floors and eat or draw or whatever. They were $6 and plastic. They have a deep compartment for a cup, and other deep compartments, i use for silverware, napkins whatever. The tray has a good rim all around and the food goes no farther than the tray. Any food that gets on the tray......i let the dogs clean it first........

Oh yeah .. i take a piece of the rubbermaid non-skid stuff for shelves and put it under the plate so it's not sliding everywhere.....

By dkleinert On 2010.12.16 23:47
Oh, Emma - I can so relate. Since Joe has had his right arm and shoulder in the stationary sling for 3 weeks now (5 more to go) and not only has to deal with his PD tremors, but now he has to eat with his left hand (he is right handed), we have taken to putting all of his food in a large, deep bowl. I use kitchen scissors to cut up everything so it is in small size bites, and he uses a soup spoon. It works. Everything he drops falls back in the bowl 'cause he leans over the bowl when he eats. He is actually eating better because his food looks like a small portion in that really big bowl! I put a napkin bib on him also. I will have to look at the craft store for that tray - it sounds cool!

By sharons On 2010.12.19 21:17
My Mom is also having a lot of difficulty eating. What we have found that works best for her is to put her food into styrofoam cups. This way, she can hold it close to her mouth and she spills/drops much less food than trying to eat from a plate.

By karolinakitty On 2010.12.19 22:32
I found the trays we got on line at this website... they are more money than hobby lobby but this is what they look like:

that blue one looks like thin plastic but ours are sturdy.. the second side pocket not shown is divided in two one holds a glass or cup nicely and the other i use for bread or buns.....

By Emma On 2010.12.20 05:16
Thanks everyone, all good ideas and I'm going to try them all. It's trial and error so we'll see which, if any, work for him. A friend of mine makes bibs (or shirt protectors as we call them) for him out of terry cloth towels. The latest batch that she dropped off are long and cover his lap as well so that's a big help too but what he really wants is to not be spilling the food in the first place. KK, I like the idea of something like the trays that are elevated because I'm thinking that maybe that would keep him from bending so far over when he eats too. Same thing with the styrofoam cups. Donna, I had wondered before about using bowls too. I think I'll get a pasta type bowl which is bigger than a cereal bowl and try that. Thanks again, this site, meaning all of you, are such a great help and resource!

By lvmymom On 2010.12.22 22:05
Make your own bread bowls - buy the small round loaves, hollow them out, use the bread to feed the birds and yourself. The fork pokes "down" easily into the bread bottom so he can stab his lettuce instead of skooting it all over and off his slick plate. The food stays in there and it's easier for him to work on.

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