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By parkinit On 2010.12.18 09:06
I should have known something was wrong.

I'm kicking myself this morning. The last few days my spouse has been festinating all day long. This is uncharacteristic, but I knew he was feeling better and able to get out and do things, so I watched him like a hawk as he teetered on the verge of constantly running and falling into things when out of his power chair, but enjoyed his "spurt of activity."

Last night he told me that his mind was more active than ever... still clueless me. He saw children dancing in the yard and then running across the road in front of us. There were no children.

Then, we popped open his pill container, and he had DOUBLE dosages of his carbadopa/levadopa. He had both Sinemet and Stalevo in all pill container slots. He had Sinemet and Stalevo in double amounts in the next several days of pill containers (and how many days before, I'm asking myself).

This was an "honest mistake" on his part and filling his own pill containers is not something he is willing to give up. However, I learned my lesson to double check all his pill containers after he has filled them.

I guess this is just a reminder to myself and warning to others, that if the person's behavior changes, check the pills to make sure they haven't changed.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.12.19 00:12
Yikes! It's no wonder he was all over the place. Parkinit? If He's unwilling to give up filling his pill boxes do you think you could take the bottles and leave only the correct amount for filling his pill box in the bottles he uses? That way He's still filling them but you're more in control over the correct amounts? Just a thought. Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By Emma On 2010.12.19 05:33
It would probably be best if you filled the pill containers but short of that checking them often is a good idea. For a long time my husband did his own pills and I would check them periodically. Often times I would find a small mistake and quietly fix it. Then one day I checked them and realized that he had taken his entire days medication by 11:00am. That's when I took over. Even if he insists on doing the pills himself maybe he would let you supervise the filling of the pill box. It's another one of those tough situations.

By parkinit On 2010.12.25 10:56
Thanks, I've taken over this duty and he seems to be okay with this.

By rmshea On 2010.12.25 13:06
I go over once a week to set up MIL's meds. However, she insists she can do it herself. She adamantly refused assisted living, the family all sided with I refuse to go over daily. She still makes mistakes, and I found two pills still in the one 'bin' that should have been empty. She insists she took all 4 that morning; when I ask her how 2 could be left, she just gets upset. I have a caregiver going 3 am's a week but it is nonmedical, they can only remind. I've been told by 2 doctors that she will have to live with her choices and if I don't back off, my health will continue to deteriorate. I have posted instructions, a list of all the meds, the color and shape and what each is for. I have to learn that I've done as much as I can do and let nature take its course. Her quality of life could be so much better at the facility I found for her but no dice. She is like my ADD son; they think they are perfectly fine in their thinking and reasoning even though the people closest to them are suffering. My prayers are with each one of you married to your PD'r; God has granted you amazing courage to get through each day. I stand in awe of your commitment, ingenuity, perseverance.
Blessings this Christmas season and New Year.

By quiltlady On 2010.12.29 20:10
Hello. I am new to this forum although my husband has had PD for almost 30 years. Under those circumstances, we feel fairly fortunate that he is still (mostly) able to get around. However, I was interested today when I read your DOUBLE DOSE message because I discovered that he had taken two full doses of medication for his first dose this morning--4 Simemet 25/100, 2 Stalevo 100, and 2 Exelon. I immediately called the doctor's office and was assured that he would be O.K. but he would be especially dyskinetic and possibly nauseous and not to give him any meds until mid- to late afternoon; and that he should eat a high protein breakfast and be active for a few hours to "use up" some of the extra dopamine. Actually, he was very sleepy and slept for a couple of hours, so he may actually have slept off the initial effects. When he got up, he said he felt pretty good. Actually, I haven't noticed any more dyskinesia than he normally has, which typically begins in the early evening. So, live and learn, and those of us who are caregivers for PD patients are learning all the time. Good luck!!

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