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By Michele On 2010.12.22 16:49
My PDr husband has depression and has been on antidepressants for years. His depression gets worse in the fall/winter months (SAD). We've tried a light box with no noticeable improvement. Recently we've added Deplin (similar to SAM-e) which is considered a "medical food" that helps to boost the effectiveness of antidepressants. We have noticed a little improvement in his mood. Has anyone else tried Deplin (prescription needed) or SAM-e (no prescription but a really big capsule).

By lurkingforacure On 2010.12.22 17:08
Don't know about this but you might have his vitamin D3 levels checked, most PWP are deficient, as are many without PD. If he is low, his doc should put him on a pretty high supplement. I think a healthy level is something like 50, many PWP I know had levels in the teens or even single digits until they began to supplement.

We make vitamin D3 when the sun hits our skin. If you live north of Atlanta, you will not get enough of the right sunrays in the winter to make your own vitamin D3. Also, if your PWP is low in cholesterol, as many parkies are, that also affects how effectively, if at all, he can make his own D3. Our body uses cholesterol to make the D3 when the sun hits our skin. We eat a lot of healthy fats at our house as well as skip the sunscreen.

Why does this matter? Vitamin D3 is heavily involved in the immune system. Less sunlight or low cholesterol means a weaker immune system which means we get sick more. This is probably why many get colds and such in the winter: we are inside, out of the sun, and our immune systems are thus not as strong when we are around all those other people who are also staying inside.

We all know how a slight cold can knock a PWP for a real loop, the recovery is much slower than you or me. So I try to keep my guy as well as possible, which is impossible with two kids and the blevvy of germs they bring home regularly from school, activities, and friends, but we try.

I've read of some people with depression and/or lack of energy completely recover once their deficiency is corrected. Hope this helps your guy.

By Michele On 2010.12.22 18:05
Hi Lurking, My guy's Primary Doctor is pretty sharp. He prescribed Vit D for him and currently he is taking 2000 units a day. Fortunately it is in liquid form. He and I get flu shots and fortunately/unfortunately he is not around many people usually. Thanks for the info.

By rmshea On 2010.12.22 19:03
My husband and I do not have PD and our doctor has us taking 4000 units of D/day. We live in the wintry north. My level was at 36 and they like to see it at 50 or up.

By Emma On 2010.12.23 04:06
This was a good reminder. I do make sure that my husband gets his vitamin D but I haven't been taking it myself. Time to start! Thanks for the heads up.

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