For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2010.12.23 22:53
So we had our check-up today:

Doctor: Well, i see your memory test came out better...that's a good thing. What are you doing different?

My guy: I'm doing more brain problems. Tricking out the wagons makes me think more about issues i have never dealt with. I am also reading a lot more about my disease, it's meds and side effects.

Doc: Using your mind for problems will help with the dementia. It may take you longer to figure them out but it increases brain activity. Let's see how you walk...

Doc: Your gait actually looks better than it has are you exercising?

My guy: Nope, just working in my shop, maybe using different muscles than i did before.

Doc: You really look better than you have before. Any new issues?

my guy: Yeah, my eyes are closing more and i have these lines in my eyes.

Doc: (gets eye thing, looks in eyes) Open your eyes, so i can see what's going on.

my guy: (looks at me disgusted) doc, i can't open them any farther.

Doc: You're going to have to, if you want me to see in there.

my guy: (takes his fingers and opens his eyes) This is the only way

doc: (puts eye thingy away) last time you had some pain you still have it.

my guy: Yes, the neurontin started out great but made me totally out of it, we quit it.

doc: ok .... The pain you are having isn't due to the PD so I don't know where it's coming from. All your tests are good, except your myobiates(or something like that) are high.(he didn't explain when asked what?????) Let's try Symbalta for the pain and see what happens, I have some samples. We've tried all kinds of meds on you in the past and the Requip is the only thing that works. (never tried anything else) Let's stick with that....I still don't believe you have PD, even though Dr. Bachman at the Movement Clinic says you do.....

With only a few Neurologists in this state, We need to either find a new state to live
OR ... drive 1000 miles to find a good one. I'm going to call for his docs appointment at the Movement Clinic after the first of the year.. i am going to ask for a referral to find a new regular neuro. The movement doc is also the head guy at the teaching hospital and only sees patients once a year or for progressive issues. I wish he was available full time, I really like him, he actually knows what he is talking about.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.12.24 15:44
Maddening, I know. And just to confirm, PD definitely has horrible pain, mostly back. It was one of our first symptoms, and it came and went, and moved around on the back so it wasn't in the same spot. It's one of our most difficult symptoms to handle. It's constant, relentless, and very depressing for my guy to always be in pain. The meds usually don't help, either, or if they do, it's fleeting.

I'm with you on finding a new doc, this guy sounds ridiculous. You'd practically be better off self-medicating with mucuna and skipping the whole appt. facade altogether. I'm not recommending that, but now that I think about it, given that you don't have many options in the doc dept., you might want to google PD and mucuna and see what you think. I/'ve read of a couple of PWP who use mucuna and no RX meds, and also a lady who grows four acres of fava beans and makes a tincture out of the buds, so far, no meds, and she's pretty doggone functional.

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