For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By rmshea On 2010.12.26 20:00
The movemt. disorder specialist increased both carbo/levo and venlaxafine at our last visit. She was good for a couple days but on Christmas Day, she could hardly move. She says she feels fine. But she never feels pain. She is panting again like in the summer and she sat here for 5 hrs and had only one or two sips and never used the bathroom. I'm not sure which avenue to pursue here. The last time she dehydrated I practically lived at her apartment bullying her into drinking. Anybody experience what dehydration in the wintertime looks like? BTW, she never perspires anymore...she did for awhile after her stay in the hospital when they had her all pumped up with fluids. Thanks.

By rmshea On 2010.12.27 12:37
I answered my own question..her blood pressure has been 80-100 pts lower than the neuro wants it, even with an increase in fludrocortisone. She left her phone off the hook, I ran over there; she's ok, the caregiver is there so I updated everyone. She thinks if she's carrying a full water bottle, that means she's drinking. the water bottle stays full all day and then she thinks she's done. We are looking into adult day care. I start a new job today, just part time, but the family has to get her more support. Too bad we can't install a hose bib on her and just hook her up when she's a couple quarts low! :)

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