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By parkinit On 2010.12.27 17:43
My spouse recently found out he had sleep apnea. In order for his insurance to cover Provigil, which he had been taking for Parkinson's, he had to go through an overnight test (for three consecutive nights) to see if he had sleep apnea. The insurance would cover Provigil for sleep apnea, but not for PD. I thought it was a long stretch, as I didn't suspect he had sleep apnea, but I we decided to go through with the testing. It turns out he had mild to moderate sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a cpap machine at least 5-6 hours each night.

This is where it gets interesting. The benefits since the Cpap was started that I have to believe must be linked to the Cpap are as follows:
1. More rested throughout day (this one is obviously related to cpap)
2. Getting more time in between pills - he can add about 30 additional minutes between pill dosages now.
3. Drooling - He was drooling excessively. This has stopped completely.

Does anyone have any experience with cpap machines aiding in PD symptoms?

By packerman On 2010.12.29 11:47
i don't have PD, but do have acute apnea and use my CPAP nightly.
i have experienced dry eye and mouth in the morning after using it.
i usually put in eye drops first thing every morning, and drink more water to help with that.

also, i have to be careful. mine has a water reservoir i'm supposed to use, but don't because it causes my sinuses to block. i would hate for that to happen to him. he has enough to deal with already.

good luck with the machine. mine has been a lifesaver!

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