For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By ladybug On 2010.12.30 22:17
Hello Forum,

I would like to share some experiences, observations and research as a yoga therapist and energy healer. I've been around my friend who has PD for about four years. He allowed me to try out different things with yoga, Reiki and reflexology and here are some observations. Maybe you can benefit.
1. My PD friend seems to be ungrounded, not in touch with his feet at all and that didn't just start with PD. We know from reflexology that the feet and the brain are connected through different channels just like many organs have points connected to the feet.
He has minimum awareness of his feet and they are often very cold. Tapping and massaging the feet is very important to improve the energy flow in the body all the way to the brain. Also, remind your PDer to focus on his feet, feel the feet.
I also noticed that his feet and limbs are very stiff. He resists when I adjust a yoga posture. It takes a lot of tricking him to get him to relax. It's important that PDer relax physically, emotionally and trust!
2. This leads us to point 2, the heart. My PD friend's movement specialist always praises his immense flexibility for his age 68. I have a different view on this and this has been confirmed by my yoga and massage friends. The PDer is out of touch with his emotions. He doesn't feel pain as much. He has blocked the heart brain connection out of fear of feeling pain. It's a fight or flight reaction that inhibits the sensory nervesís ability to feel pain. This could stem from past emotional trauma or an injury. It could be that the blocking out of pain with all its chemical processes in the brain becomes chronic and PD develops.
I noticed that my PD friend has problem with loving himself and others. His chest is all caved in. He is flexible because he doesn't have a pain threshold. He blocks out any feelings of pain and emotions that could lead to suffering. He lives in lala land.
REMEDY: The PDer must get in touch with his emotions and his heart, accept, love, feel him/herself. One way is to put your hand on the heart and say: (name) I love you. (name) I need you. Please forgive me. I accept you. I forgive you. Thank you.
Keep repeating these words. Do this daily. Focus on the heart. It's very effective, healing and cleansing. Tears may flow. This is also good for the caregiver.

Here is an article I recommend:

Lots of Love and blessings.
Ladybug (Yoga teacher and Reiki Master)
When the sould gets sick, the body get sick.
Heal your emotions and soul and the body will follow.

By caregivermary On 2011.01.01 14:12
Thank you lb for this info. I have been using the focus on the feet strategy with my husb who has been having trouble after a fall. This has helped him stand up again without a lot of straining and pulling. Helped me too.

By sannph On 2011.01.01 22:06
Interesting post. You could be writing about my husband. He has cold feet always and very little feeling--sometimes when we're out walking he says that he can't feel the ground beneath him! Guess I need to learn foot massage and see what happens!

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