For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2011.01.01 10:54
Happy New Year my friends!!!!! You all have been so much like family, educators and medical professionals. I so much appreciate your insight into what can be a very unpleasant disease.

So, another year ahead of us and what do we see.....

In all the paths I have chosen over my life, this is one i certainly didn't expect. Of course I didn't chose it, it chose me. Still in the better scheme of things, it's not hell, it's just a rough country back road full of bumps, holes, washboard ridges, mud and snakes.
As i drive down the road to my house, I avoid all the obstacles i can, and when i can't i take them and hope for the best. I hope my vehicle doesn't get hurt too bad. i wouldn't want to take it to the shop and have a mechanic tell me, there's nothing they can do.
The bumps are easy, just slide over to the left or right, take it slow and you should be okay.
The washboards man what ride, but don't have to go to the bathroom before taking these. Yikes!
The mud, it can be fun, a little slip and slide action never hurt anyone, just watch out for that tree on the right.....
The these are tough. Some are smaller and we can take the hit. Others, we have to stop, take very, very slow and hope the axle will not break, or the oil pan scrape and get a small hole in it.
Now the snakes. You would think that snakes wouldn't be that bad as long as you are in a vehicle; and here is where we can be so wrong.
Snakes, they like the warmth. Living here in the country, they sometimes slither their way into vehicles, just too many tiny openings, so we must be careful. Even if you are taking too long to get over that hole, you can allow that snake to seek the warmth and slither right in with you.
There are snakes that are not so bad. Corn snakes will bite, but they are not poisonous. They sting, the area may swell, but you'll make it through this snakebite.
Then we have the terrors of the woods and waters. The timber rattlers, you'll hear them, their little rattles giving them away. You have a chance to get away then or pull out your 22, loaded with snake shot and give them a round. Copperheads, they are sly. They blend in with the environment and are so hard to see, particularly at night. These creatures will not come after you, unless provoked, but their bite can be deadly and you have to know what to do right then and there or you just might lose this battle.
Cottonmouths or water moccasins, now these critters, they are stealthy. They line up their prey and attack. The are bold and have no fear, like a kamikaze on water. They don't like anything entering their territory and will go after boats like they were little tiny bugs. Their bite is deadly too. With this bite, it's rush to the nearest hospital and hope for the best. It loves to hurt, then kill. It is my worst feared creature, they get very angry when disturbed, they have no fear, they will attack. Your chances are slight, but one shot of anti-venom, will relieve the pain and getting back on your feet takes a long time but you will get there.

So I take this road, knowing the dangers are there, for it leads me home.
A dear friend told me long ago, when I left the only home I'd known for 45 years, that "Home, is truly where your heart is. It's not just a saying." I listened and learned that no matter where you may live, the heart you have will get you through and make it a home.
None of us here, may know what this year brings. We will have our good days and bad on this road home. I can only hope that each of us will have the heart to get us there......

By parkinit On 2011.01.02 13:48
Well put - only one who is walking this walk could speak so honestly and victoriously about it.

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