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By LC On 2011.01.05 11:51
My husband has a lot of difficulty getting in and out of the car. He puts one foot in then falls into the seat and lifts his other foot in. Does anyone have any ideas on how he could get in and out more easily. Is there a video online that he could watch?

By Emma On 2011.01.05 13:14
LC, we have the same situation. I have noticed that it is easier for my husband to climb up into a high car (like an SUV) than to drop down into a sedan. We own both but only use the Jeep for transporting my husband. What I love about that car is that it has a hand grip on the passenger side that he can hold onto and pull himself in and up after he slumps. It's not perfect but it's a lot better than trying to get into a car that doesn't have one. There are still times however when I have to help him get that second foot in. At one time I saw a device on the internet that you can somehow attach to the car door once it's open and the person can use that as a grab bar. I'm not sure what it's called. I also wonder if a Physical Therapist could help him with it? Medicare and most private insurance will pay for PT if a doctor orders it. Good luck! I hope you find a solution.

By packerman On 2011.01.05 17:57
we have two Jeeps for all the same reasons you mentioned.
if you find the "door closer" please let me know. we could use one too.

By WellShoneMoon On 2011.01.06 12:19
The grab bar is called a Standers Handybar, and it's described on Amazon this way: Stainless steel bar with soft, non-slip hand grip slides into car door latches to provide a strong, secure assist in getting in and out of a car. Acts as a grab bar without need for costly adaptations. 13 oz. (0.3kg) and 9" (23cm) long. Use on nearly any car door frame.

We have not tried this device. My husband's physical therapist helped him learn how to get in and out of the car safely. The key is not to put one foot in first, but rather to put his behind in first, and then swing in his feet one at a time. Sometimes I have to remind him, "Butt first, not foot first!" :)

By susger8 On 2011.01.07 07:30
With my dad we do one foot in first, then he transfers his weight to that foot while I push my hip into his outer hip, so as he sits he kind of slides down the outside of my leg. He is still fairly strong in the legs. We just came up with this system ourselves, but I met a woman at the hospital who said she did the same thing with her husband.

We use his PT Cruiser that he bought right before he had to stop driving. It's an excellent car for people with mobility problems -- the seat position is upright, like the old VW Bug, and it's not either too high or too low. And there is a grab bar right on the passenger side dashboard, which is perfect to help him get in or out.


By parkinit On 2011.01.09 14:30
If it is a low car, I would think the seats you can buy that rotate around would be helpful. The PDer could sit in at a 45 degree angle to the seat and then rotate herself around.

My spouse likes the bigger vehicles (we have a Tahoe) so he can step up into it a bit easier. I usually help shut the door or he uses his can to reach out and "grab" the door handle to close the door.

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