For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.05 12:08
Someone we know professionally was just dx'd with PD before Christmas,. They went to a top PD research center and saw the top doc there, this man is famous the world over. The main advice he gave? Begin lifting weights, mostly upper body.

We aren't privvy to more than this, but my husband and I believe this advice was given to help this person build up strength to take care of themself as long as possible. When I think about it, I realize how much you use your arms, shoulders, stomach and back to get out of chairs, roll over, get in and out of bed, off the toilet, etc.

I know many here cannot do this, and my husband doesn't do it himself although I try to get him on his bike which does involve the upper body to a degree. But anyone who possibly can, should. I dont' think the weight matters, start with little one pound weights and work your way up as you go. I know I will not be able to lift my husband, roll him over, help him get on or off a chair, toilet, sofa, etc., if we get to that point, as I am not a big or a strong woman. So I am encouraging him to do this as much as he can. It's hard, he's in a lot of pain so much of the time and is so tired all of the time, but every little bit will help.

By Emma On 2011.01.05 12:59
lurking, I think your friends got good advice. After my husband's back surgery we had a PT coming to the house to work with him. Much to my surprise a lot of his focus was on upper body strength for exactly the reasons you mentioned. It makes sense.

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