For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.07 15:02
No, we don't have this but I got a newsletter which included this information and thought I'd pass it along, sounds like it might help if you are dealing with this.

It's a mattress called the Incontinence Relief System. Developed by a nurse from Alabama, it consists of an 8" thick temperpeudic mattress with a specially designed can put the mattress on practically any bed. A draw sheet with an attached disposalbe waste collection plastic bag is placed on top of the mattress.

Any urine/feces collects in the bag away from the patient, and changing the sheet and bag can be done by one caregiver in less than a minute.

The mattress is sold by Capstone Medical Products Group at 334.671.7637 or the newsletter lists the website at The company is working on getting insurance and Medicare reimbursement costs.

The newsletter I got this from is Dr. David Williams "Alternatives", FYI. It's just a general health newsletter, but almost always has at least one or two really good tidbits each issue.

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