For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2011.01.09 11:13
Being a child of the 60/70's era, i have just recently began to remember the "good old days?". I say that in jest, but in serious contemplation. Just posting to the insomnia inquiry, it brought it back....
The use of medicinal marijuana for PD patients...I know, controversy arise, but.....

I haven't been able to find any articles online relating this to PD. Not as a "cure" for the tremors or dystonia etc.... but as a relief..period.....

Back as a youngun(between 18-21) i did my share of partying. I went to school, worked etc... but managed to squeeze in some quality partying time in my schedule. Lord knows i am not recommending we grow some weed and get all high......just curious really.....

Again, recollecting my past, it doesn't give you a hangover, there are no side effects, other than a little mellowness, and you don't have to smoke it..... you can make teas with it as any other herb around.

I'm thinking more of the teas... a nice hot cup of tea before bedtime may help the PDer actually get a good nights sleep.

I know there are other teas out there and they may help somewhat, but, again just curious....

Anyone ever heard of this possibility?????

I know we try to help our LO as much as possible....again, i am not presently, nor since before children participating in that type of activity, but knowing how it effects the body and how it could give some relief......just curious......

By Emma On 2011.01.09 12:16
Funny you should mention this. Personally I don't remember much about the 60's and 70's :) but I've heard things ... Just kidding (sort of).

In fact Parkinson's is one of the diseases medical marijuana is recommended for. I did quite a bit of research on it last year but can't remember the exact websites that I found. At that time there were no legal dealers in our area (still aren't) so ... none of you know who I really am, right? ... we bought some "on the street" for him to try. It helped a lot with his pain but I thought it had the potential to be a problem with mobility/balance and slowing down his reaction time even more. I also did not want the smell of pot wafting through the house, but tea or brownies would take care of that problem. We dropped the idea and most of his pain has since been taken care of by back surgery anyway. I do however think that it could be a viable option for some people with PD. I'm actually glad that you brought this up, all ideas are worth exploring.

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.09 12:54
I didn't think about the reaction would slow that down even more.... or balance....
My guy even hates the fact i brought it up to him, I think he has visions of his being in a Cheech and Chong movie or something to that effect? He absolutely even hates the fact he has to be on ANY kind of drug....we've been talking more and more about alternatives but just can't seem to find any solutions that fit us... i don't want to get into the snake oil scams and all the diet and herb things.. that just are not for everybody... Guess i'm pondering out loud..

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.09 15:35
Thanx Emma .. i did some rearranging of the words in my googling and found several articles both for and against.... the one i read explained it more in medical terms, yet easy to understand how they came up with the tests and the big controversy because it can become addicting.....

I had an older wise friend...called her my Spiritual Mom, she was so full of the Joy that God instills and so active at 75(now 85)....she always said: "Everyone has their addictions. Mine is potato chips. Addictions can and are what WE make them."

By parkinit On 2011.01.09 16:24
I know we get desperate, but there ARE serious side effects to marijuana (I know, as if there aren't any side effects to the plethora of drugs our PWP now consumes on a daily basis).

This posting just reminded me of a couple who I knew who "recreationally" used marijuana. They lived in the country, grew their own, and used it themselves. In their late 40s and early 50s, they both began having SERIOUS health problems when otherwise, they had appeared perfectly healthy. I have to wonder, of course, if there is a direct link.

Yeah, we all have to weigh these things - which is worse of the two evils. Frankly, my dad is in a lot of pain with his cancer and if I thought marijuana could take away some of his pain in these last few weeks or months, I'd help him light up!

By Emma On 2011.01.09 17:20
parkinit, You are so right, there are side effects, including lung damage just as with cigarettes. I think the primary benefit is pain relief and again, you're right, sometimes you have to pick your poison. When I was thinking about it for my husband I just could not stand seeing him in so much pain and I think we would have tried anything. Of course there are people who take advantage of the availability of medical marijuana but it has its place for people who are in severe chronic pain and I'm not opposed to its use, it just wasn't right for us.

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.09 20:18
parknit, i agree there can be serious health risks, especially if you smoke it. It would be just like cigarettes and cause lung damage. I haven't researched this aspect of it, but they do have a medicinal tea, that, of course, you do not smoke. My question to that is does it work the same and have the same cannabis qualities. After reading more on this it turns out we have cannabinoid receptors in our brain, and that for 2 centuries cannabis has been used for movement disorders. Of course, Heroin was used also..... so what do we do... again to each his own.... and as Emma said, i'm not opposed to it, but was so curious about it......
Like your friends, who grew it for themselves, they probably smoked it, and who knows how often.. that would be out for us, period. With COPD, i don't think lighting up would be in good order...again that's why i thought of the tea.
I think like anything overuse would cause serious health issues. Overuse of any "drug" can cause horrible side effects, but i was thinking more on the lines of like, one cup of hot tea in the morning and at night.... daytime for pain free days and nighttime for some sleep...

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.01.09 23:29
I think interactions with anti-parkinson's medication would be the biggest issue to be concerned about. Are the receptors targeted by cannabis also receptors targeted for use by medication or targeted to be shutdown by medication. Will cannabis enhance the levels of medication or decrease those levels? I believe these questions would need answers prior to use. I know I wouldn't want to be using something that brought my levels of medication to toxic levels in my body nor that brought levels to not being of the use they were taken for. Just my thoughts on the subject. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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