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By greamer On 2011.01.09 18:07 [Edit]
Greetings -- First post. My twin brother is in a hospital. Two days prior to Oct. 10, he was conversational, lucid, able to eat, receive visitors, etc. and tremors not that bad unless agitated. On Oct 10, he was found in his nursing home "unresponsive". No one is saying what happened. Arrival at hospital showed non-responsiveness, extremely low blood pressure, seizures, renal failure, high fever and vomiting of blood, and aspiration pneumonia as well as a massive increase in tremors from two days before. After five weeks in which he was on a ventilator, then weaned and trached, insertion of peg tube, he was discharged to a new nursing home, but has been largely unresponsive, because they are sedating him because of massive tremors which create a muscle enzyme which threatens renal failure. Since then he has been back to hospital twice and is currently there nearing discharge back to nursing home. These last two admissions are due to infections. Medical staff at hospital says he is in end stage. But nothing I have ever read in the literature indicates that decline could be this rapid -- in a matter of hours.

Medical hospital staff, which doesn't know the larger picture of what was his prior nursing home baseline says that his current state is the new reality caused by being in end stage. I have trouble believing this.


By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.09 18:18
Sounds to me like something horrible happened at the original nursing home. Maybe they forgot to give him his meds, gave him the wrong meds (probably too late to get a blood test to see what was in his blood at the time), who knows. No, this doesn't sound like "normal" end stage at all, not that there really is such a thing, but you know what I mean. I'd do some serious investigating. Good luck.

By Emma On 2011.01.09 19:26
I agree with lurking, this is not normal and something probably happened at the first nursing home. End stage does not come on in a matter of two days. File a complaint with the state in which you live. They will investigate his care at the nursing home. My husband was briefly in a nursing home following surgery in August. I became aware of some neglect that was going on, removed him and filed a complaint online. It was investigated and substantiated within two weeks time. Fortunatly he was not harmed by the neglect but he could have been. I don't know what state you live in but lets say it's Wisconsin. You can do a search on the internet for nursing home complaints Wisconsin (for example). It will lead you to the correct state agency and possibly also to an ombudsman agency that can help you. Do not tell the nursing home that you are doing this as that will give them a chance to cover their tracks. I would pursue this, something is rotten in Denmark (as they say). Good luck.

By Emma On 2011.01.09 19:36
Another thing ... if your brother has a Power of Attorney that person has the right to ask for and receive a complete copy of his record from the nursing home.

By parkinit On 2011.01.09 20:01
Did they do a MRI? Could he have hit his head? A subdural hematoma will cause the symtoms you are describing.

By greamer On 2011.01.09 20:15 [Edit]
Thank you for these responses; never thought of the possibility that he was given the wrong meds. The state was notified, but we have no results, yet. An MRI was not done, but they did do a CAT scan. Have not approached the nursing home; will let the state do that. My personal attorney tells me that the Health Care lobby in the capital is very big -- don't expect too much. Also tells me that the personnel involved will be "taken care of" and that the records undoubtedly have already been changed.

This whole change of events has cost us much, financially. We are not on Medicaid for him, so it is private pay. The rate for my brother in the new facility is $440.00/day. But it is much better. But now he has to have specialised care with the tracheostomy.

But with all of this, my primary concern is my brother and what has happened to him. I only hope that he snaps out of this, but things look dimmer an more depressing each day.


By karolinakitty On 2011.01.09 20:44
as parknit touched on it, I wonder if he possibly fell out of bed on the floor and was out quite some time before being noticed. As most of us here know the PD'r can fall out of bed easy enough. I think several folks have mentioned this occurring with their loved one.
a head injury/concussion could dramatically change a person. The fall could have caused some internal injuries causing the other issues with renal failure etc...
just a thought... not saying the home is not still responsible but another outlook at it...

By susger8 On 2011.01.10 10:12
You mentioned aspiration pneumonia, which makes me wonder if he choked on something. That might account for the sudden change in his health status. Unfortunately, it's hard to prevent choking/aspirating since the ability to swallow is often impaired in people with PD.

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