For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic Darned if you do...darned if you don't Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.11 14:39
Ya know, I thought i had things under this last year we tried to think of everything we could to make moving about the house and grounds easier for my guy and at the same time less work for me.
We installed handicap ramps so that when he gets to that point we will be ready. We had the extra mula from the disability back pay, and wanted to make sure we used it wisely for our future, get things done now while we could.
So, things are moving about nicely. The ramps worked better as steps were so hard for him. Well, yesterday we had an inch of snow and about an inch of ice....not good on a ramp....glad i was first one out the door....i didn't fall but he sure would have....Of course, living here in the south, we have no rock salt available at the ready, but, i did have pool salt, not for a pool but to kill a grass line around my landscaping. It's not as good as rock salt but it will pass.
Ok ... got all the ramps done.... lets fire up the generator because no doubt the power will go out.... no gas... How did I do this.... the gas tank i had i left out on my trailer and it cracked and all the gasoline leaked out slow i'm sure as i did not smell was a 15 gallon tank with a pump... ok ... I have 2 vehicles with full tanks..... find the siphon hose..... well, I left that out in the box at the dock and being out in the cold (unusual for us) so long, it cracked and a line up the side in the hose, so no go there. Couldn't get out to get gas as they don't do our roads. Dirt does freeze with ice....and the asphalt roads leading up to our dirt roads, is not on the main line so if it gets bad maybe in a week we would be able to drive again....
I'm going through all this and my guy calmly says.."What are you doing?"

Trying to get ready for the power to go out, i answered.
IS the power out? he says.
Then why are you out in the rain and ice trying to get something done that hasn't even happened yet?

I then explained all my issues and how i thought we were ready for this type of thing...

Ok, so we are not....we'll get 'em next time......

After all my running around, trying to get this and get that and have it all ready, and then doing it again, because of Murphy's Law, i realized i made more work for myself, trying to get ready for something that never happened, than if i had just gone with the flow and let nothing happen anyway.

BUT .... as soon as i can get out again, I will get a metal gas tanker, 2 new siphon hoses and a spare key for my truck......

*note on the key* I always leave my keys in my truck, (we don't have car thieves this far out in the sticks) as i was checking how much gas we had in the van and truck, i accidently must have hit the lock button and locked my only set of keys in the truck. I had to crawl up in the bed, jimmy the back window open, get his grabby thingy, and get the keys out of the console.....Murphy's Law.....

By Emma On 2011.01.11 15:27
Poor KK!! Just when you get to the end of the rainbow you find out the pot of gold is on the other side.

Living in Michigan I have 2 ten gallon buckets of ice melt in my garage, want me to send you some? :)

Take care, take a bath, have some tea ... relax.

Love ya! Em

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.11 18:48
Emma... I'll pay for shipping!!!!!!

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.01.11 19:47
Hey "Murphy" look at it this way at least Jim's got a big grin on His face to go with the you just don't listen contented tone in His voice :) Now if there's room in the dog house I'll say this and climb in beside Him. Sometimes knowing the worse that can come, preparing for that worse and fearing it's approaching takes a toll it need not. ...move over Jim you're hogging the hay! Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By oshroshr On 2011.01.17 22:19
I loved reading this post because that is how I feel...I keep trying to figure out the worst and get prepared for what MIGHT HAPPEN. Is that called awfulizing? Thanks for this entire line of posts as it might help me quit trying to figure out the worst scenarios and get prepared because I can't get that done anyway.
I can only hope that when I cannot go this alone, I will figure out a way to get more help then.

I also have 2 buckets of salt and our neighbors are now cleaning our driveway afer watching my awful techniques. We are scheduled for some freezing rain tonite so here we go again.

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