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By karolinakitty On 2011.01.12 15:40
A friend sent me this link today and found it very interesting. I'll let ya'll read it, but in a nutshell:
They seemed to have concluded that IF you can ride a bike before PD, but can not after PD, it is more likely you have atypical Parkinsonism (PSP, MSA, LBD). They explain it more in the article, but i found it interesting as my guy for one can not ride a bike and has dx of LBD.....

By Emma On 2011.01.12 15:59
Hmmm .... interesting. My husband also has LBD. We used to ride bikes all the time but he hasn't been able to for years, even early on when his PD symptoms were mild.

By caregivermary On 2011.01.12 16:15
my husb could ride before and after. In fact, he road for 16 years of the 21 years with PD. Unfortunately, he also has PD dementia-most likely LBD.

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