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By SKlocinski On 2011.01.13 18:02
I will be 62 years old in February. Both my dad and an aunt on my mother's side had Parkinsons. The doctor says they don't really know if it is hereditary or not. Anyway, for several years now, I have noticed that my hands and fingers will twitch. Seems to be mostly in my left hand and it happens when I am at rest. Never when I am doing something with my hands (I never drop anything or notice any shaking when I pick something up). I have noticed lately that my left leg doesn't always do what I want it to do and that when I walk my left foot sort of drags sometimes causing me to trip. It's like I have to think about my left foot to get it to work correctly. The right does this very rarely. I also have begun drooling at night. I have had acid reflux for several years also. I hesitate to ask the doctor since I know there is no definitive test for Parkinsons and I have no patience with medical tests. I don't want to go through a million tests for the doctor to tell me they didn't find anything so it might, maybe, could be Parkinsons...or not. I know that much without all the tests. Could these really be early Parkinsons signs or is my imagination running away with me?

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.01.13 19:50
SKlocinski, Hi and welcome to the forum. We're Caregivers and Patients here for the most part and not Doctors. We cannot diagnose any disease for anyone. Even if we were Doctors we still could not diagnose a disease here online. You'll have to go to a Neurologist to find out I'm afraid. What you describe could be early signs of Parkinson's or any number of things. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you. Your Doctor could probably recommend or make a referral to a competent Neurologist for you to find out. Again welcome, best of luck.

By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.14 08:37
I don't know either but I will say stress and anxiety can present with many symptoms which are also symptoms of quit worrying! Of all the things I've read with PD, one is that time will tell. IF you have it, you will eventually know for sure because it will progress and be obvious.

If you go to a neuro now, chances are he/she will give you sinemet, the "gold standard" for PD. They will, in all likelihood, tell you that if you respond favorably to it, you do in fact have PD. I just read an article recently, and you can search this forum for it because I posted it here, that showed that ANYONE given sinemet will feel I don't think that challenge is a very good way to dx people. This challenge test was done on my husband but with mirapex, an agonist, just so you know it can be done with any of the PD drugs.

If I were you, and I even thought I might have PD, I would make sure all health insurance, life insurance, disability or long term care insurance, etc. were in place. IF you have PD, your cost to obtain these items will be a zillion times more if you try to get them after dx. I would also begin a very consistent exercise program, google exercise and PD to see why. I would also begin to cut down as much stress as possible in my life, again, google stress and PD to see why. Researchers in Texas claim this week to have discovered that stress initiates a cascade of actions in the brain which culminate in the death of neurons in the substantia nigra, where PD is focused.

As you know, this site is for caregivers and we welcome you here. If I were you, though, I would also check out other forums on PD, you can learn very much if you find yourself needing to know. And the information will usually be more accurate, and helpful, than any you will ever get from a PD "expert" you pay to see. An excellent site that is science based and has a lot of PWP on it that are chemists, engineers, etc., is, you'll need to scroll down to the Parkinson's section but you will find a wealth of info. there. Most everyone there regularly scrolls the net for news about PD, and the site has members contributing to it around the world. It is very, very helpful. Good luck. PS I'm not recommending you not see a doc, of course, or giving any medical advice....

By shego On 2011.01.31 10:13
i advise to get a doctor to diagnose your illness. i pray it is not Parkinson's, then. Try to get a lot of rest and eat healthy meals, coupled with enough exercise.

update us soon..

And if ever you have Parkinson or any other disease, make sure you have insurance or long term care plans. Check this out

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