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By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.14 20:28
Warning: this is super gross, sorry.

When it rains, boy, does it pour. My mom, who does not have PD, discovered a sore spot on her rump this week. She went to the doctor, and he told her she had an abcess that needed to be drained asap. Apparently it was huge, the size of a fist. Apparently, these things come up very fast and get big very fast and hers was the textbook abcess, hooray. He sent her to the ER, where they gave her a local, drained it, and sent her home. I was at the surgery and got all the instructions for what to do when she got home, which mainly consists of regular sitz baths, keeping is clean, antibiotics, and rest. There are no stitches.

The problem is that the surgical site, a hole about 1.25" in diameter (it's a good sized hole), is directly below and to the slight side of her anus. She has some fecal incontinence and each time I've gone over to her house to help her bathe (I gave up on the sitz bath because as soon as her rump hits that warm water, she pees in it, can't have that), the site is full of fecal matter and I just don't see how I can keep it clean enough for it to heal in between the baths.

She's 75, weak, thank heavens I'm here to help because there is no way she could do this on her own, but still, what can I do? I have gauze I'm supposed to put over the wound after the bath, but I cannot tape it on all sides because one side would be right over her rectum. So when she has an accident, which is unfortunately quite often I'm finding, the fecal matter is getting all over the gauze and pooling in the wound site. Could this be more gross?

Has anyone ever had to deal with this? I have no problem with any of this and can deal with it (although I'd rather not, of course....), except for the physical location of the abcess, it could not be closer to her rectum. I'm really worried she is going to get some huge infection or worse, this thing will never completely heal and just keep getting reinfected and reinfected.

We see her doctor in a week-any suggestions? Thanks for reading and I hope this doesn't give anyone nightmares. And I thought the worst I would ever have to deal with would be changing diapers and sheets for my PD husband, heaven forbid. it comes to that.

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.14 21:26
Lurking, My mother was prone to the abcess you speak of. Every time they drained hers, they packed it with gauze which i had to change 2x daily. To prevent infection I would put saymans suave, now they use neosporin, on the gauze as i packed it... really gross when you have to pull it out. She had one close to the spot you speak of, wish latex gloves were available to the public back then.

By Emma On 2011.01.15 03:38
lurking, I've never had to deal with an abcess but I think I would call her doctor's office and explain the situation. It's entirely possible that they have had this exact issue come up before and will have an answer for you. Good luck!

By lurkingforacure On 2011.01.15 13:22
Thanks for responding, but it looks like we're headed for more surgery. The wound is actually leaking feces which means there's something called a fistula further upstream which needs to be addressed or else this will just keep re-abcessing over and over. Yea.

By parkinit On 2011.01.16 11:51
I would check into having a nurse present - I would think Medicare would pay (if she is eligible - I would check into it).

Sometimes I'm amazed at what doctors expect us to do and then sometimes I think it is because we don't ask for a doctor to write the order to have a home-bound nurse do these things.

Hang in there...

By Mary On 2011.01.17 10:40
For my Dad, I replaced the shower head with a sprayer and would spray warm water on his bottom and them completely dry the wound, dab it with a cotton with rubbing alcohol on it and then put a large dab of destin (the baby rash ointment) on the wound. After each depend change, I would clean the sore area with the cotton with rubbing alcohol and a dab of destin. His sores heeled up nicely.

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