For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By arlenecram On 2011.01.21 22:29
It has been about two months since I last posted, at that time my husband had been admitted to the hospital and was not expected to pull through the operation. He had a blockage of the bowels and his stomach had moved into his chest. He was in a weakened state due to his parkinsons and the issues that he had with the cancer. He was in ICU for about two weeks and on a ventilator for about 5 days. He got pneumonia in both lungs and then blood clots. The day after he came home from Rehab he was on his exercise bike. He is still weak and it will take him awhile to bounce back----but thank God he is home! He still suffers from chronic pain in his neck and back--wish we could find answers for that--doctors are too quick to give painkillers. I just wanted to post some good news!

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.01.21 23:26
That's great news! Thanks for the update! We're all pulling for you both!

By karolinakitty On 2011.01.22 09:48
Great news !!!!!! Mu guy also has the chronic neck/back pain..really overall pain, we tried the Neurontin/Gabapentin and it worked for awhile but then made him even more out of it... Recently, the neuro gave him Cymbalta, we started at 30mg for 2 weeks and now are on 60mg for these last two weeks... He feels great, doesn't have as much trouble getting up and down from sitting and not that he is pain free, but in so much less pain that he feels great....maybe ask the doc about it... I know it is used for depression also but i also read where it "deadens" the nerve endings and they use it for pain in fibromyalgia......

By arlenecram On 2011.01.22 10:05
Thanks-I will call them on Monday and see if we can get cymbalta---certainly worth trying. He was told that he would have to live with it.Horrible to watch them in pain and not be able to do anything....

By parkinit On 2011.01.23 10:22
Thanks for sharing some GOOD NEWS.

By arlenecram On 2011.01.27 21:40
I checked into using cymbalta for muscle pain for my husband but because he is still on coumadin he can not have it. Any other ideas for constant pain---we have tried deep muscle massages and acupuncture and nothing seems to help. They have him on pain killers right now that don't seem to be working either---he paces the floor with the neck and back pain there doesn't seem to be any relief....

By packerman On 2011.01.28 10:32
my hubby is on Ultram. it is non-narcotic. it works well for him.

By caregivermary On 2011.01.28 13:00
My husb has neck and head pain and is taking Lyrica 2X and Ibuprofen 3X per day. The ibrprofen is probably a problem for your husb but Lyrica may help.

By caregiverof2 On 2011.01.30 01:21
My husband is also on lyrica too Android it works well for him.

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