For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.01.24 11:11
It is here in my city but look like you can listen via the web too at or on your iphone with the iheartradio app

I am listening for the first time but a friend of my suggested it.

Mondays 11am to noon EST (right now)

I am looking at the site and you can listen later as a podcast

I am not involved with the show in anyway..just hoping I can, and some of you, can benefit.

By Michele On 2011.01.25 17:51
I missed the live broadcast and looked on the website for the podcast but couldn't find it. Can you tell me how to get to it?

By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.01.26 10:03
From the link above that I mentioned there is a section on that page that says

Four ways to listen
On the radio
On the Web live
On your iphone
On the web via podcast

Under On the web via podcast it says "click her to go to our show archives". click there and it will take you to a page with all the shows listed. You can either just hit play or download it before you play it.

Hope this helps.

By Michele On 2011.01.26 17:08
thanks Overwhelmed. I went to the wrong website. I appreciate having another resource for support and Kim is a good fit for me. I like her (holistic) approach. By the way, I like your forum name, OverwhelmedinFL. Overwhemled is what I am a lot of the time.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.01.26 18:53
Glad I could help Michele. I need to listen to more of her shows. The one Monday was about topics I unfortunately have become pretty versed in the last year or so since I became the caregiver for my parents.

I heard of the show from a running friend of mine who now works for Kim. What's funny is I KNOW that caregivers don't take care of themselves yet neither do I. I call my friend my "running" friend but I quit running and taking care of me when my parents moved into town.

Guilt, stress, depression.... all has pulled me away from what will make me feel better. I wish I could get back there...I have been on meds which I prefer not to be but somethign had to give because crying daily, sometimes several times, was not working for me..

I hope you find a way to keep from being overwhelmed..

I am trying to fight my way back to being a better I can be a better daughter. I just registered for a half marathon in May that I will run with my brother in Ohio. I need it...I need to take care of me for so many reasons.

Take care of you:)

By Michele On 2011.01.27 07:42
I've been taking care of my PDr husband for over four years and started to take care of myself just six months ago. (Before that I thought I was but realy wasn't.) I started taking care of my health and getting out to a gym two to three times a week. I am very lucky because I can afford to have a home health aide come in three afernoons a week so I can get out. I'm able to have lunch with girlfriend(s), go shopping or just go to a coffee shop and read a book. It makes caregiving do-able for me. I hope that you are able to find what works for you and allows you to not only take care of yourself but to feel that it is ok. I am so impressed that you are going to run a marathon! That is inspiring. It's difficult not to be hard on yourself for not caring for yourself because of the work and time involved in caregiving. It feels like just another thing that you have to do. I hope that your marathon training helps you to understand on a deep level that this is what you need to be a good caregiver for your parents.
By the way, I'm in South Jersey in at least 10 inches of snow this morning. I'm jealous that you are in FL!

By Michele On 2011.01.27 07:44
p.s. I've been on meds for depression for a few years. I think of this as a way to keep myself healthy. I know when I miss one because I'll usualy have a "meltdown."

By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.01.31 19:04
Michele, I am glad you have found a way to get out.

My caregiving is different. My mom requested in 12/09 for me to help her and my stepdad move into an ALF. That is where she lives, about 5 miles from my house.

I am the primary person in charge of her medical appointments, ordering medications etc... The hard part is that I work and have two small kids and a husband that owns his own business. I can handle the medical stuff barely...and on top of that mom wants to go shopping, out to lunch , etc etc etc.

I have hired a caregiver before to take her out but she is getting too much for most caregivers to handle. She is completely in a WC and transferring is hard for me at 41. My stepdad passed in September adn she is lonely and still fighting the fact that she has lost so much so quick. Jan 2009 she was riding her bike 6+ miles a day, line dancing, water aerobics etc. By Jan 2010 she was in a WC.

Sorry to cut short...gotta go do homework with my kids. AHHHHHHH

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