For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Lacy On 2011.01.29 00:08
My PWP has had the hiccups almost all day long and periodically into the night last night. I can't sleep in our room with him. He doesn't seem bothered by them, but it's getting to me pretty badly.

Anyone else experienced hiccups and what did you do about them? I went on the web to see if there's any correlation between Parkinsons and hiccups and there appears to be but there were no details.

Again, he doesn't seem bothered by them, but they can't be good for him to have for so long!!

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.01.29 00:45
Lacy? Any change in His med's recently? Just thinking they might be a form of dyskinesia. We had a thread awhile back about them.

By forMomwithLove On 2011.01.29 07:06
Lacy, Not related to PD but does he have a pacemaker? My mom just got one a couple weeks ago and the info is still fresh in my head; if their is problem with the pacemaker, it can cause continuous hiccups.

By Lacy On 2011.01.29 12:33
Nope, he doesn't have a pacemaker and the only change in his meds has been in the decrease of the Mirapex, but that was weeks ago. As of this morning though, no hiccups. I did read that they usually subside when the patient is sleeping and that did happen finally last night However....when I went to bed I disturbed him and they started up again, so I slept on the couch! Will see how today goes.

By parkinit On 2011.01.30 08:36
Here's a link to a study that was done on hiccups and PD, but further work needs to be done. This study suggests that there may be a link between PD drugs and a higher rate of hiccups in those with PD:

Another article relating hiccups to dosage of L-dopa:

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