For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By janol On 2011.01.30 15:04
Hi all, I usually just lurk here---sorry---
but, my hubby with PD is probably in the beginning late stages. He is 78, and wasn't diagnosed until 3 years ago.
He sleeps 20 hours a day so-- is not much of a problem.

Recently he has been complaining of itching on his back. Do any of you have that problem, and what do you do for it ?

Also he seems to be EXTREMELY sensitive to hot and cold items, be it his walker, or the food I feed him.

Also do you have any hints for food? I have to cut everything up into small bites. This doesn't work well with sandwiches !!! heehee

And my, how I admire everyone of you !!! You are in my prayers !

By caregivermary On 2011.01.30 17:33

We have been using an Aveeno lotion on my husb's skin and the itching has stop. Hot and cold everthing is a problem for my husb especially with the cold weather. Reheat the food in the microwave, use a heated bean bag on his hands to warm them up, and maybe wraping heated rags around the walker handles.

I buy very thin, small bread made by Pepperridge Farms in white or wheat. I use egg salad, tuna salad, very, very, thin slices of meat and cheese. This seems to work when I cut the sandwich into small pieces. My husb eats a lot of fish so that helps. I use ground meat for everything. What ever you can make with ground meat(beef, turkey, chicken, pork) could help. Mashed potatoes, cooked apples, ground up cold slaw, sweet potatoes, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, muffins, ........very soft foods of any kind. You could put everything your husb likes in a processor but I am trying to avoid that.

My husb(76) is on his 21st yr with Parkinson's and added dementia to it officially 2 1/2 yrs ago. He too is most likely in the last stage with sleeping most of the day & night. Primarily bedridden but with short periods of wanting to move from the bed to his geri chair.

Take care and let me know what is working for husb at this stage.


By janol On 2011.01.31 14:45
Mary, thank you so much !! I will get the Aveeno lotion.
And thanks for the sandwich hint, I will try those. I hate to cook-- that is my problem. Have cooked for 5 kids and hubby for 54 years and am sick of it. (well the kids are on their own now, but still )

My hubby had a fall off the roof in 2001 and I think that triggered the Parkinsons. He got splinal stenosis after that, and after 2 surgeries ,ONE Dr finally said there is something else wrong. That is when we went to a neuro.
Plus he is also bi-polar, and as I read here some of the meds for that can trigger/ cause the PD. Oh, he also has confusion, searching for words.

I don't know how you have coped with this for 21 years ! I am 75 so I figure you are near that age also. I am lucky to be pretty healthy. My kids all live near, too so that helps. I hope you have help, Mary. You have my admiration ! Bless you, and thanks again !

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