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By marie On 2011.02.17 11:46 [Edit]
Hi Everyone, My husband is going to need a power wheel chair to get around, does anyone have any advice on these chairs? He is eligible for a chair from medicaire but we haven't taken the first step yet. Thanks for your help

By packerman On 2011.02.17 12:44
new can run you over 5k. we've priced them online.
we just got a nearly-new one from Craigslist for $175.
(they're like used cars...they lose most of their value when they leave the showroom)

hubby got a Jazzy brand. many choices of colors and sizes. ours has a head-rest.


By parkinit On 2011.02.17 23:31
Go to a reputable dealer that handles Medicare. Medicare will pay for those in the thousands of dollars and tell the dealer that you only want to look at ones that will be fully covered by Medicare. Oh, and for safety's sake, I would put that in writing as well and have them sign it. We received a bill after receiving our power chair. I refused to pay, but in hindsight, it may have been better to have in writing that they would only sell us a wheelchair fully covered by Medicare.

The scooter store is one that is known to handle Medicare in our area.

By theresa2wyoming On 2011.02.18 20:17
I have about 20 years of experience with power chairs, not from my hubby's PD, but from a foster child/adult who lived with us who had Cerebral Palsy. We found it was best to go with one that had been on the market a while, the newer models gave us more maintenance issues. Nothing is as heavy as a dead power chair!
There are lots of modifications you can put on. We found foot rests were often a big problem if they weren't made very strong. The new ones that are all one piece look nice, but gave us more problems than the two piece kind.
The six wheel models, where all the turning is done on the two middle wheels, are easiest to drive, because they can turn in a small space. If they are rear wheel driven, the turning radius is MUCH bigger.
We had one chair without handles once, and we hated it, because it made it difficult to free-wheel (drive without the motor engaged.) There are times when you need to move the chair without the patient in it, and it is quite hard.
If you have more questions, or can be more specific about needs, let me know.

By marie On 2011.02.26 10:42 [Edit]
Back to the power wheelchairs. Does anyone have any experience with HOVEROUND Power wheelchairs?

By parkinit On 2011.02.28 23:16
Just a comment on the power chairs. It was great . . . at first. My spouse could drive the chair around the house. Now, he bangs into walls constantly and almost took the door off the hinges last night. I have gouges and dark streak marks where the chair "dragged" all the way down the wall as he kept the chair in forward.

If I had to do it all over again, I would get a manual chair to assure my LO (loved one) doesn't bang himself up OR other items in the house. He is dangerous with the power chair in his current state - to himself and others.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.03.07 11:40
We used The Scooter Store to get my mother's fromt Medicare...they hand hold you through the whole process, they send the paperwork to the doctor adn if not filled correctly they folowup with the doctor.

EASY PEASY.... HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom cognitively could not manage it even though it was less than 6 months from when she drove a car on her own... She would be going straight for a wall and never take her hand off the joystick. She would put her feet up and it was dangerous. She is lucky she didnt hurt herself. She did run over a nurses foot and her wheel privledges were taken away at the ALF for fear she would knock over a resident (very possible). make it even better, Medicare woudl not give her a manual wheelchair back. Medicare is backasswards of course... they rent manual wheelchairs and bill medicare some insane rate...then when you want electric they buy it for you instead of renting one for you first to see if it wors.

So...I had to sell mom's electric which was only a few months old so we could buy her a manual wheelchair.

I am not sure if Medicare covers hoverround. We had the Jazzy electric wheelchair. Try The Scooter Store. They were great. Delievered it within days and trained mom on how to use it etc.

By marie On 2011.03.07 19:49 [Edit]
Overwhelmed,, Thank you so much for your reply. You have been a great help. This forum has the best people on it, Thanks again

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