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By Lynnie2 On 2011.02.25 13:53
I haven't seen any posts in this forum this year. Is everyone doing okay?
I hope everyone is surviving the winter months. The snowy weather is kind of getting us down around here, but if you don't live in an area where you get snow, good for you! I am looking forward to Spring when can get outside more and walk up town for the mail or walk to the park or ride our bikes.

My spouse has Parkinson's and I know he would like to see the day he doesn't have to shovel snow. So far he is able to handle it, but the heavy stuff is too hard on his back, so thankfully we have someone to plow our driveway when we get too much. Is everyone managing the snow removal?

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.02.27 16:47
Lynnie2, I'm still Kickin! Grumblin and Cussin! (at the weather that is.). This winter doesn't want to quit, it's hanging in here like a Parkinson's patient refusing to give up......typing that I now seem to have lost some of my animosity toward it. Instead of being a foe it might be a kindred spirit? Wow, thanks for posting and readjusting my view of things!

So now I'll transfer the above K,G &C ing to something I've noticed quite a bit lately. Did you ever strike you as odd that politican's and weather forecasters are professions that stand there and lie to your face, yet somehow people keep turning to them and hanging upon their every word? Time and time again we do this, just wondering why? A couple of observations from a cabin fever/spring fever victum. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Lynnie2 On 2011.02.28 12:48
Most of the time the weatherman's predictions come true, so I have more faith in
I haven't really thought about politican's but I know they get paid more than a weather forecasters and some politicans don't even have much go figure.
I'm going swimming today in the town pool, so I'm going to think of Spring when I look outside at the snow.

By karolinakitty On 2011.02.28 13:30
Spring has sprung in South Carolina. It has been absolutely beautiful for about 3 weeks now i think. Went out on the lake last week, did a little fishing. Turned over my 24 x 24ft above ground garden today and getting ready to start planting my early crop.....peaches and cream corn this year as an add on...hope it does sage, rosemary and thyme made it through the winter so only have a few herbs to add....
tomorrow I prune the Crape Myrtles and Willow trees. Then start on re-doing the mulch on my landscaping....I had so many dog-gone grassy weeds last year from the load of mulch i bought, i decided to go with rubber mulch this year...Red Cypress color...whole problem is I have to get rid of the old stuff.... but at least I will be able to do a burn down here....
Weather men down here...they guess.... i can check the weather services for wind, they will say like 5mph. then we go out on the lake and have to turn around because there are 3ft waves...lately we just go out and check...can't trust them...

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