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By janol On 2011.03.15 21:50
I don't post often as I can't type--so it is very slow ! I do read all the posts, and feel you people "are the greatest", as Jackie Gleason used to say !!
I have noticed that my husband gets frightened or upset when we leave him alone in the tv room.
Is this paranoia , perhaps?
Does anyone else experience this?
Are there any meds especially for this?

He was dx about 3 years ago, is 79, and I think in the near late stages, and yet NOT --- he sleeps alllll day and night.His body is very stiff, but he still gets up for meals.I think he has PD for about 7 years, maybe more.

He has confusion, and a bit of dementia.Is not incontinent yet, but has accidents because he can't get the pj's down.
I am very fortunate that he is patient, and kind.
I don't leave him alone, there is always someone of the family here, but now he said he doesn't want to be alone at all.
He thinks he is dying, and will say he is "going". I think he will live 10 more years and have told him so many, many times.

I thank you all, you have made my life easier, just to read your comments, and your advice , I can't thank you all enough !

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.03.16 00:05
Hi Janol, Good question, You don't mention what med's your husband is on so as a general guess I'd think more toward anxiety attacks (yes, they can be quite common with PD). He might need an adjustment in his meds he's currently taking and this could help the problem. There are medicines to address anxiety but if adjusting his current medicine can help it, then that's better then adding yet another drug to the mixture.

Now you can't have a bit of dementia, you can have mild dementia but this confusion might be tied into anxiety also. If he's very stiff this can also point to not getting benefit from his medicine and needing adjustment. If this is the case it can lead to his saying he's dying because of extreme stiffness and anxiety (feeling something or everything is a bit off, feeling something's wrong and he can't quite put his finger on the problem, He can't quite figure it out.).

If He did just get an adjustment in his med's it might not be quite the right dosage causing the problems.

I'd say from what you're describing though it does sound like anxiety. It doesn't make it easier to go through and we can work ourselves up to the level of panic without much effort during these episodes as we get more anxious about being anxious. We (patients) have to try to remember anxiety and panic attacks are like a mental version of the hives. With the hives, welts appear quickly and can take days to disappear. Anxiety or panic can come out of nowhere and take hours to subside. I hope this helps some. again good question! Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By caregivermary On 2011.03.16 12:12

My husb has been going through the "I'm dying" feeling for some time now. I believe it is associated with some decline or progression they actually can tell is happening. My husb has been in the advanced stage for over a year and just recently entered the final part of the advanced stage.

These are very emotional, depressing, and anxious feelings. It is very hard on me to observe him going through these periods. Like you, I have told him in the past that he will survive the particular decline he is experiencing. I think the feeling he is having of declining is what causes the anxiety. We just went through one of those periods associated with losing independence in a major area for him. He was lucid enough to realize what this meant and we had an emotional "I'm dying" period last week that lasted about two days. My husb is not ready to detach from this world yet and is fighting back every day.

Al is probably correct about a possible medication adjustment for the rigidity,etc. However, there does come a time when the primary Parkinson's drugs do not relief the commom Parkinson's symptoms.

Prior to having these "I'm dying" periods my husband did go through the not wanting to be left alone periods. That is continuing even now two years later. They know they cannot do a lot of things on their own and I believe some PWP are very concerned they will fall and get hurt. Therefore, they do not want to be left alone.

I hope this was helpful.

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