For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2011.04.15 21:44
Despite the fact the doctors had given my guy 3-5 years almost 3 years ago, we continue to do whatever we can to keep positive and continue to get his bucket list checked off.
This past week we were able to check off another.
Besides being a great chef, he was also a truck driver. He did at one time heavy hauling. He came across one of the manufacturers of these heavy haul trailers and asked me to see if he could get a tour of the plant. I did and we set it up for this past week.
The owner had died in a race car crash several years ago, but his wife and sons are continuing his legacy both on the race track and in the heavy haul business. It was a pleasure to meet them and an awesome time for my guy. Not only did they give him a tour of the plant but we were able to very carefully get him up in the spotter seat, in the rear, and give him a ride around the property on one of those massive trailers. To give those of you an idea of how massive these are : We all know how 18 wheelers are large. Well this things has 18 axles 4 tires per axle and runs probably no more than 20mph. These are the huge ones, like the one that hauled the lens for the Hubble very big....

We also got to meet Shaky and his wife on an indirect route. It really did all of us a great deal of good to sit face to face with someone dealing with the same disease, and no offense, but someone young, like us, with this disease. I know that most here on the board are 65 and over but meeting someone younger, who still has the same positive attitude we do, really helps all to know that there is more to life than what we see in our own surroundings. With 3 children under 16, they have to live today and give it all they have.
Unless you have a YOPD support group, it is sometimes hard to find common ground and situations with elderly support groups. There are 2 different sets of issues. Not that any one is harder than the other, just that they are different.
Of course we had some good laughs watching two PD patients coming off their meds at the same time and yes we made light of it....because that is how we are. We know how painful it can be,how hard it is to sit and watch them "come down", however when you have two different people in the same room, have the same issues at the same time, it tends to be a little comical when you are trying to make sense of a harsh disease. When you don't have anyone around you that you can compare to, meeting someone that has the same issues or different issues brings this disease to a different level. You know you aren't alone and you know face to face how others deal with this disease.
All in all a fantastic trip and one we won't soon forget.........

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