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By parkinit On 2011.04.30 00:23
If you are a veteran, you may request from your VA doctor a referral to a PADRECC near you. There are six Parkinson's specialty units provided by the VA that specialize in movement disorder, physical therapy, etc. We just visited such a unit. The VA paid for our flight there and back and accommodations while there. We spoke with a highly informed and well-thought of Baylor-trained movement disorder specialist. She suggested several things to follow up on once we returned home. She was very thorough in her assessments, made some pill adjustments (reductions, which is always good), DBS adjustments, and recommended the U-Step, which may be requested from the prosthetics division of the VA via your health care team (whatever "color" you have been assigned to). I'm understanding that the VA may or may not approve this request, but if they don't, the VA can write a script and medicare will pay for some of the cost of the U-step. We tried one out (they loaned it out to us for a few days!) while visiting the PADRECC unit, and we determined it would be a benefit to my spouse when he is able to walk at periods throughout the day. Web site:

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